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NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the current dominant space administration authority in the USA. NASA was established in 1958, and was preceded by NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Like many of America’s biggest institutions, NACA had a military focus and beginning. Founded in the midst of World War 2, NACA initially began as a vehicle for the USA to pursue supremacy in aerial battles and aerial technology. To counter this, in 1958 NACA was abolished and replaced by the distinctly more civilian agency of NASA, in order to pursue more peaceful space-faring accomplishments. NASA has been ostensibly responsible for some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in the last century. The most prevalent of which is undoubtedly the Apollo Moon missions of the late 1960s/early 1970s. NASA is, on the surface, one of the most pioneering and instrumental agencies publicly known. That is, if they are to be trusted.

Not to be trusted

To begin with, NASA is an extension of the Government which already means they are not to be taken at face value. While it’s easy for some people to trust that the Oval office will enforce truth, justice and the American way without fault, most people rightfully hold a great deal of doubt in the ability of the US Government to uphold any of those values. This is not restricted to political parties either, as both the democrat and republican parties are equally corrupt, and there have been very few presidencies thus far that have passed without some degree of conspiracy or scandal. Whether it be Watergate, Operation Northwoods or 9/11, virtually every aspect of the American Government has been dogged by corruption, lies and greed. Why then, should we treat NASA any differently? From their beginnings, NASA have had less than honourable people involved in their operations.

Project Paperclip

One of the key players in the early days of NASA was Wernher Von Braun. Wernher Von Braun was, undeniably, a brilliant scientist. He was also a prominent figure of the Nazi Party, and helped design the V2 rocket which was fired at London just 21 months after the development had begun. Granted, Von Braun expressed regret over this, and has been quoted as saying “the rocket worked perfectly, except for landing on the wrong planet.” Von Braun insisted that he had only joined the Nazi party in order to further his rocketry, and that he expressed a desire to travel to space and not make weapons. Regardless, his affiliation with the Nazi party and his work with them is hard to ignore, and like so many of his fellow German scientists he was squirrelled away into the USA at the end of the war as part of Project Paperclip. His war crimes forgiven and with a brand new USA citizenship Von Braun was free to work on rockets for the USA and was appointed as one of the chief figureheads of NASA research during 1960. 

Ulterior Motives

Von Braun’s recruitment into NASA is just one of many questionable events that swirl around the Soviet era space race, but while his allegiances supposedly had never truly been with the Nazis and the SS, I personally find it hard to believe that he was as altruistic and peacefully inclined as claimed. One of NASA’s forerunners, ABMA, was responsible for the planned Project Horizon which never came to fruition. This project would have seen the USA attempt to establish military dominance over the Moon in the event of a Soviet missile strike. Granted, this agency was not a part of NASA but it is quite conceivable that NASA continued their mission and to this day has ulterior motives for their space exploration.

ISS Incidents

The origins of NASA are shady at best, but their actions and motives continue to be obscure and confusing. The International Space Station usually has live feeds pointed down at the Earth available for public viewing. Whether these live feeds or indeed the ISS are real is itself an issue, but if going off the basis that they are truthful then I find it particularly perplexing that a live feed designed to showcase space cuts off and goes down mysteriously whenever a potential UFO or piece of “space debris” floats into shot. Even if it is space debris and not potential cosmic interlopers, the fact that this isn’t shown is questionable at best and downright villainous at worst. Their attempts to control the narrative are transparent, and leaves one thinking what they truly are not letting us know.

Narrative Control

Left unchecked, NASA are free to control and contort any potential information we gain about space, and given the current lack of third party, non-Governmental space agencies we have no choice but to deny their claims. Even if their methods and motives are not malevolent, the fact that there is only one agency in the USA gathering this information is simply bad reconnaissance as it does not allow for any cross referencing or comparison meaning we have no true way to determine their validity by ourselves.

Put simply, NASA’s origins and existence are questionable and untrustworthy, but there is far more to this issue than first appears, and far more than can be explained in just one article. 

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