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We live in a world full of radiation emitting devices. Our cell phones release levels of radiation that are unsafe according to a few scientific and Government organizations. The science is still iffy when googled, but if you speak to someone who has felt the effects you’ll know the damage it can cause.

I used to get headaches whenever I spoke on my phone for around 1 hour or more. You may yourself experience tension in your head, or your hand or arm heat up after using it for a period of time. This is the radiation effecting your biology directly. Thankfully now, because of this I don’t have those issues anymore. A military grade cell phone cover that repels radiation away from your body, brilliant idea.

Not only are headaches, tension and stress a part of it. But cancer can be formed from high levels of radiation. Even sperm counts.

Did You know?

There are different forms of radiation and radio waves that are harmful to human biology. There is non-ionizing radiation, ionizing radiation, EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) as well as the output of positive ions. All of these forms of radiation hinder biological function in one way or another.

These also emit positive ions into the environment, which get trapped in our bodies and cause us to have higher levels of inflammation, stress, anxiety, tension, sleeping problems and more.

Many health experts now believe that the reason teenage cancer (especially brain tumors) are on the rise is because they are exposed to higher levels of radiation than ever before. Their skulls don’t fully develop until 18-21 years old. Having a cell phone emitting dangerous levels of radiation next to their brain all the time could be quite dangerous.

If you want to learn more about the real danger of radiation listen to Dr. Joseph Mercola share in this video on the Bulletproof podcast how dangerous it is and can be, it’s a bit of a long interview but well worth learning:

One area that radiation effectively damages is the testicles, but soon not anymore! Did you know that radiation can lower sperm count. According to Cancer.org radiation at high doses kills stem cells that produce sperm.

Most people leave their cell phone on their leg, or lap without even thinking about it. Interestingly enough all of these radiation emitting devices produce positive ions while nature produces the opposite, negative ions.

Negative ions break apart positive ions causing the body to have improved circulation, less tension and stress and a better flow of energy.

As you can see in this video, the microwave breaks the egg open (cracks the shell) simply due to radiation. The Lambs boxers (get 15% off by clicking here, a special offer for UFOHolic followers Use Code: 150ff) did not crack the eggshell at all.

In case you’re a skeptic, as you should be, the boxers were tested by a youtuber also, and this time with a multi-field EMF meter (which measures EMF’s from radiation producing devices.)

As you can see, the test was proven by the company and by an independent consumer alike.

Did you know that Wifi routers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, electric outlets, and any electronic device produces radiation?

Lambs Boxers has also tested the efficacy of their product in labs in the U.S. and France alike. Full report on their website here (use code 150ff). I personally have several pairs of these now. They’re comfortable, breathable and worth it! I recommend them as a first-hand user of them.

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