Scot Waring, the self-proclaimed UFO connoisseur has claimed to have discovered irrefutable evidence of alien technology on the Moon. Waring took to the internet on his blog UFO Sightings daily to speculate on the curious finding he came across within the Moon’s southern lunar landscape. 

He said, “I found this interesting structure hidden in the shadows of Tycho crater.” He goes on to say, “This is huge and it is sitting on a hill slanted to one side.” He estimates the proposed alien spaceship to measure approximately 1km long. And he goes on even further to claim that there is an additional structure to its left that appears to be an “elaborate” alien Moon base.

The supposed UFO and alien base were found in the Moon’s Tycho crater

He speculates the reasoning for aliens to choose the shadows: “The object sits in the shadows to hide it, or to keep the suns rays limited.

“Many aliens like the greys have a second eyelid that is like sunglasses to protect their eyes from the light.” He went on to say, “If this species of alien has sensitive eyes, also, the glaring sunlight might bother any species since the Moon is much closer than earth at times to the Sun.”

He added color to the images to get a better look at the lunar depths. When he did this he said, “It looks like the UFO on the right-hand-side has just landed in the shadows.”

The object in question that resides inside the Tycho Crater.

Some believe this lunar anomaly is simply a natural rock formation, but Waring wholeheartedly dismisses this presumption. 

“It looks like the shadows are bringing out its natural form to me.” He continues, “The alien spaceship is tilted at an usual angle, but I imagine the UFO and structure have artificial gravity onboard.”

Waring’s highly debated finding was discovered within the well known Tycho Crater, shown below. 

The giant crater Tycho in the Moon’s southern hemisphere. Sketch and copyright Harry Roberts ©

This impact crater itself is estimated by astronomers to be 108 million years old. It was discovered by and named after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. 

Waring writes on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, “I found an interesting structure which does conform to a lot of what us humans identify as structures.” He continues, “This is an alien space ship that has landed inside the small crater.

“Most likely it’s been abandoned for a newer model and left there so that others could use it to take any needed parts for their own ships. Many such crafts exist on the moon.

“When humanity gets to the Moon, alien technology will become commonplace.” He goes on, “It’s all over the moon, just laying around, abandoned.

Zoomed in shot of the alleged abandoned UFO

“Imagine … retrieving such a craft and flying it back to Earth, it would take humanity thousands of years into the technological future instantly, but only if a government doesn’t label it a national security risk and keep it secret and use it for a military weapon, which let’s face it, will probably happen first.”

There are different parts of the alleged structure which do actually look intelligently designed, however chances are that is simply a coincidence.

It’s most likely that the object in question was caused by a meteorite, but we simply cannot know for certain at this time. 

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