A strange burning object flying over Fukushima was caught on video just moments after a powerful earthquake struck Japan. Coincidence or ill omen?

Just as the strong tremors were fading out, a teenage girl witnessed a peculiar event unfolding in the sky over Fukushima. Going by the name Asuka, the girl was able to film the event. She said at that time, she believed she was going to perish in the earthquake and was documenting her final moments.

And who can blame her? While various seismic authorities have given different values for the earthquake’s intensity, they all agree it measured somewhere between 6.9 and 7.4 on the Richter scale. Even for a country that’s well-prepared for seismic disasters, that’s a heavy blow.

Despite the fact that the ground had just stopped shaking under her feet, Asuka maintained her composure and her attention was immediately drawn to the mysterious object that was flying overhead.

ufo fukushima earthquake

Fortunately, Asuka made it unscathed and her video has since went viral. She believes the object to be a meteor burning up in the sky, but given the circumstances and the alleged bolide’s peculiar characteristics, we’re inclined to believe otherwise.

It is true that meteorites can sometimes produce small, localized ground tremors, but in this particular case, the object was still in the sky when the earthquake had already stopped. There’s no way the effect can come before the cause.

Another hole in the meteor theory is its apparent velocity. Even with friction slowing them down, meteors travel through the Earth’s atmosphere at over 40 miles per second. The object in the video is nowhere that fast.

Also, the object’s trajectory pretty much dismisses the possibility of it being a rock from outer space. No meteor has ever traveled on an upwards trajectory, at least not while gravity still has a few newtons left to exert. The thing in the video –whatever it is– appears to be going skyward.

But the strangest element to consider is the way it moves; the way it achieves motion to be more precise. Look carefully at the video and you will notice that although the object appears to be moving in a straight line, it sort of jumps from point to point. It doesn’t exhibit smooth motion between point A and B, it kind of instantaneously appears at B. Like a video loading bar when the internet connection’s not that good.

Maybe it’s the result of a camera glitch or something with the video itself, but if it’s not, we might have something truly remarkable in front of us.

The weird thing is that only the object moves in a jerky fashion while the rest of the video is rather smooth. Some would say this is evidence that the video is faked, but watch it again and you’ll notice how in the beginning, the object’s trail is behind the cloud formation in the left. I’m not saying that would be hard to fake, I’m just pointing out that if someone would go through the effort of faking the video, they’d probably edit something much more outrageous, as is the case with so many videos out there.

I’m leaving this up to you. You be the judge.