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Following on from my last article where I discussed the Missing411 project, today I will be examining the responses and the action taken by various official bodies in response to M411 cases, focusing on a particular case.

Young Dennis Martin

The case I refer to is that of Dennis Martin, a six year old boy who went missing in June of 1969 in the Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. On that fateful day all those years ago, Dennis Martin, his brother, father and grandfather took what they thought would be an enjoyable camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Upon arriving at the park and camping they met, curiously, another family named Martin. The boys frolicked and played happily in Spence field, when young Dennis made the decision to hide behind a bush and jump out at the assembled families to scare them. After realising that he had not seen his son for several minutes, the boy’s father went over to check on him. He did not find him. Dennis’s father went about searching the immediate area of Spence field but did not find him. He then proceeded to run two miles further down the trail to see if his son had wandered off that way. After several panicked hours of searching the family enlisted the park rangers to assist in the search.

Plausible explanations

The disappearance itself is not entirely unusual. Sadly, children go missing fairly often especially in environments such as forests. Children are easily distracted, and it’s fairly plausible that young Dennis had perhaps been distracted by something and had gone after it only to fall down a ravine or slope, perhaps being too injured in the fall to call for help if not killed outright by the fall. Perhaps he was attacked by a bear or bobcat and carried off, but if this had happened there would be marks of an attack, scraps of clothing, blood or something. for all intents and purposes, Dennis Martin vanished into thin air. Frankly, the elements of the case that do not sit right with me concern mostly the immediate handling of the case by authorities. Search efforts for young Dennis Martin were conducted separately by the park rangers, national guard and the US Green Berets.

Fumbled Investigations

These three organisations did not, to my knowledge, coordinate their search efforts. Perhaps it’s simply my own lack of procedural knowledge, but it seems near criminally negligent for these agencies to not work together. Surely, the most effective method would be to utilise the talents of all three agencies in order to canvas the area properly and to search most effectively for the boy. Additionally, over 1,000 volunteers were enlisted in order to head up a search party, which potentially obscured clues in the area. Furthermore, the nearby Key family reported to authorities that they heard a “sickening scream” and observed a large, hairy man carrying a red bundle across his shoulders through the forest a short time after Dennis disappeared. This red bundle is reported to have matched the colour of Dennis’s shirt at the time of his disappearance. This report was dismissed by the FBI due to an insufficient link with the case. 


The strangest element of this story is the actions taken by the authorities. The lack of coordination, dismissal of potential evidence and the possible obscural of clues seems downright amateurish and leads one to think that perhaps a greater plot was unfolding during all of this. My job here is simply to report, and I frankly have no solid evidence to provide one surefire conclusion. Theories abound and are easy to stumble across on the internet. Paulides himself also abstains from handing out his thoughts on the story, but for whatever it’s worth his first foray into the paranormal/supernatural was about Sasquatch, so whether that plays into the story at all is not known. 

Additionally there are people that have supposedly survived these disappearances and told stories of encounters with forest dwellers, friendly bears cradling them and even robot doppelgangers of their grandparents. Frankly, this is one of the most unusual and uncertain phenomena in recent memory. Regardless of whatever is causing these disappearances it is clear, to me at least, that the government is at very least knowledgeable of the phenomena and at worst complicit in covering up the disappearances. 

What do you think is happening in the woods and parklands of our world? Comment below and let us know. 

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