There’s a video circulating on the internet of a spaceship meeting just behind the Moon. The footage was made available by an esteemed academic that wants to reveal the truth to the world once and for all.

There has been much talk about human activity in space. According to numerous sources, the chances for humans to experiment in space other than the International Space Station are extremely likely. Although there has been many intriguing evidence brought to light by the UFO community, authorities still have a closed mindset regarding this subject and go on ignoring it. However, when the academic community released images of an alleged spacecraft located beyond the moon, the matter took a different term.

What if I tell you there is conclusive evidence brought by various researchers that show massive movement in the vicinity of our planet? And that images provided are recognized by various universities as being authentic?

On March 23, 1983, President Reagan proposed the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), an ambitious project that would build a space-based anti-missile system aimed at defending the American people from any rogue missiles launched by the Soviets.


What President Reagan didn’t anticipate at that time was the lack of technological means needed to complete this daring project. The SDI, also dubbed ‘The Star Wars’ program would require extremely advanced technological systems that were yet to be researched and developed. The system (if successful) aimed at inclining the nuclear balance towards the US, giving them an unprecedented advantage when it came to intercepting nuclear attacks, but also mounting them more effectively.

According to, “among the potential components of the defense system were both space and earth-based laser battle stations, which, by a combination of methods, would direct their killing beams towards moving Soviet targets. Air-based missile platforms and ground-based missiles using other non-nuclear killing mechanisms would constitute the rear echelon of defense and would be concentrated around such major targets as U.S. ICBM soils. The sensors to detect attacks would be based on the ground, in the air, and in space, and would use radar, optical, and infrared threat-detection systems.”

Although a lot of effort had already been put into the ‘Star Wars’ program, the technology proved to be too complex to research and handle, so later administrations have decided to cancel it entirely. But was this really the end of the SDI considering the huge amount of effort and funding put into it so far?

The US government rejuvenated the idea of missile defense system in the years to come by establishing the National Missile Defense, but evidence suggest their SDI activity never actually seized to exist. Even more, the program has been classified and perfected using funds received through black budget programs. It seems that, at this point, an entire fleet of spaceships is stationed in the back of the Moon, and if it sounds impossible, you may want to watch the video below that’s showing just that.

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It was discovered in 2011 by John S. Lenard and published on YouTube to make as many people aware of it as possible. The video reveals numerous objects found in space just near the Moon. If the entire visible design is a mothership or rather more crafts stationed in space remains a topic of debate, but the value of the provided footage is undeniably of extreme importance.

YouTube user josephsangelo commented on the promising capture expressing his gratitude towards its discoverer: “Thank you John for this video. The Interstellar Spaceships you’ve shown and are showing us all are immensely important to human historic evolution. Soon we’ll all know there’s life many millions and/or billions of years more advanced than our own. I hope you get an award one day for your professionalism and log endeavors. Is it just me or are there aliens on board moving around the exterior? Who gets the award for the 1st alien spacewalk?”

Although there’s a high chance for the UFOs to be alien in nature, the possibility of them being developed by the military is even more likely. After all, the massive funds directed by President Raegan towards the program cannot just sink down the drain, that’s why we suspect the ‘Star Wars’ initiative continued along the years, but it followed a different objective – to secretly develop and test advanced space technology.

So why doesn’t the world react more openly to such vital information? Why doesn’t the media disclose the entire deal? Could it be because most official institutions work hand in hand to supress the truth? Or maybe due to the secret pact we have with otherwordly visitors?