Between 2007 and 2009, a string of UFO sightings took place in Kumburgaz, a town near Istanbul, Turkey. These incidents captured the attention of both the media and UFO enthusiasts when the footage and images circulated widely on the internet. Notably, a nightwatchman named Yalcin Yalman shared video evidence of the UFOs, which some considered solid proof of extraterrestrial technology.

Yalcin Yalman, who was employed as a nightwatchman at the Yenikent facility in 2008, recorded these remarkable videos of UFOs over the Marmara Sea. He later presented his second-hand camera during a press conference at the Dedeman Hotel in Istanbul.

Yalman explained that he began filming the unusual crafts as a nighttime hobby. Some skeptics, noting the videos’ unsteadiness, speculated that the objects might be a US stealth drone or other aircraft. Yet, many experts have verified the authenticity of the footage, and numerous onlookers have reported seeing the same unidentified crafts. The sightings drew widespread interest, being covered by local and national media, as well as CNN. Several recordings from June 8 to 12, 2009, captured these enigmatic objects and lights.

The Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, led by researcher Haktan Akdoğan, initially analyzed and released the video. During an International UFO Congress in 2009, Haktan mentioned that the UFOs had been frequently observed by both civilians and military pilots.

In 2009, following the conference, about 8-10 individuals, including UFOlogist Dr. Roger Leir, witnessed and corroborated the Kumburgaz UFO incident. Dr. Leir, who was present during the recording of a video on May 17, 2009, confirmed that the unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) resembled a boomerang more than a traditional disc, similar to the “Roswell” shaped craft. Dr. Leir shared details of this event on the “Coast to Coast” radio show with George Knapp.

Yalcin Yalman (Left) sitting next to Akdoğan (Right), showcasing his camera during an Istanbul press conference in in 2009

Dr. Leir shared with Knapp that he, Yalman, and a group ventured to Kumburgaz specifically to film UFOs. They remained vigilant from midnight until 4 a.m., hoping to capture any sightings under perfect conditions with clear skies and unobstructed views. During their watch, they noticed a luminous object beneath the full moon, initially mistaken for a star or planet. Upon closer examination, they identified a semi-circular craft adorned with numerous lights, suggesting it might be either boomerang-shaped or cylindrical like a saucer.

Dr. Leir recounted, “You’d think, ‘Well, gee, a bright sky, bright moon, you’re not going to see anything.’ But in this case, the moon was a big help. It essentially lit up the exterior portion of the craft, which initially, when we saw it, looked a bit like a boomerang because we weren’t seeing it straight on, so we couldn’t tell the exact shape of the craft. But then we went to full film on it, and we could see that it was either a boomerang, or we were looking at a certain portion of a cylindrical craft or a saucer.

Till this day, I don’t know, and I don’t know what the analysts said about the shape. But it was either one of the two: either a boomerang shape with a round front or a complete saucer. It did turn a couple of times, so we were able to see the side, and it looked like it could have been saucer-shaped. But then we got the biggest shock of our lives because we could see light that was emanating from the internal portion of the craft in three areas. One was directly in front, and one was on either side.

This was a full-on front view, and folks can look at the Coast website and they can not only see the video but please go to the Chilean analysis because there are some still photos there which show what we saw when we looked in the central portion. That was a big shock to look and see, not a Rorschach-type thing, but actual entities that were, whatever they were doing, looking out the front of the craft, just the same as we were looking at them.”

International Experts Confirm Authenticity Of Yalman’s UFO Videos

Between 2007 and 2009, Yalman captured around 30 videos using a MiniDV Canon DM-GR1-A camera, which operates on the NTSC system with a diaphragm set to a maximum of 1.8. This camera features a 3CCD sensor, 20x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom, and uses a teleconverter fitted on a 58 mm adapter. The tele-objective lens used is the Sony VCL HGD 1758 model, x 1.7. [2007 to 2009 Original Raw Footage]

Two prominent state-backed Turkish institutions, “The Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey” and “The TUG National Observatory,” scrutinized the footage to detect any signs of tampering. The results affirmed the videos’ authenticity. Additionally, experts from Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Russia also examined the original film cassettes and failed to find any evidence of deception, thus leaving the incident unresolved.

Yalman’s camera had a zoom feature that enabled him to film pilots inside one of the crafts. The resulting image was unstable due to hand movement during zooming, but after stabilization with editing software, the image revealed two humanoid figures with large black eyes and oversized heads.

Haktan Akdoğan emphasized the significance of these visuals, stating: “After doing all the necessary analysis which went on for several weeks, the board came to a definite conclusion with no doubt that these are 100% genuine videos. The objects sighted in the aforementioned footage that have a structure that is made of specific material are definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation nor are they any form of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for a video effect therefore in conclusion it was decided that the sightings were neither a mock up or hoax. It is concluded that these objects in the sightings that have physical and material structures do not belong in any category such as; planes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, fireballs, Chinese lanterns, fireballs, weather balloons, natural or atmospheric phenomenon etc. and but rather fall into the category of UFOs.”

“We see the heads of not only one UFO but also of two beings in the images. This is the first in the world.” He added that these images would greatly influence the field of UFOlogy. Having researched UFOs for 22 years, he remarked: “These are the most remarkable images taken in Turkish history.”

[In translation] Akdoğan noted that “these beings are generally seen in areas rich with resources, volcanic areas, and historical places. They started to come more frequently after nuclear tests. Maybe the released radiation also harms the cosmic neighbors, we disrupt the balance in the universe. Maybe they observe this dangerous process.”

Report Analysis

The report by the Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey presented the following findings regarding the analyzed footage:

– The videos were captured in digital NTSC format using the specified camera.

– The video’s date stamp indicates the recordings spanned 2007, 2008, and 2009.

– The images depicting the object with a distinct shape are neither computer animations, special video effects, nor studio-created images or models. The footage is authentic.

– The initial analysis of the footage shows that some images were captured at night at a certain height above the horizon. Portions of the footage also include views of the moon, confirming the videos were shot outdoors at night. However, the appearance of both AM and PM timestamps in different frames casts doubt on the exact timing of the recordings.

– In some segments, the absence of any reference object in close-up frames and no detectable background variations make it impossible to ascertain the precise location, distance, dimensions, and nature of the objects.

– Examination of footage from various dates suggests the capture of 2-3 distinct objects, although it remains unclear if they are moving. Any movement detected is slow.

– Light reflections on the objects sometimes originate from the moon, positioned advantageously during those instances, and other times from different light sources.

– The light reflection seen on the left side of the object in the footage from August 10th is not from the moon, as it was near the “new moon” phase and positioned approximately 10 degrees above the horizon. Additionally, image processing analysis of certain parts of the footage indicates that the center of the object matches the transparency of the background.

UAP Sightings Not Consistent With Cruise Ship Theory

Adam Goldstack from UAP Media UK notes that many debunkers have tried to explain the observed craft as cruise ships, but according to former F-16 fighter pilot and researcher Chris Letho, this theory is inconsistent. Letho assessed the videos and case, estimating the object’s size, horizon distance, and visual angles from the Marmara Sea, concluding that the dimensions and logistics of a cruise ship do not align with the observed UAP.

Other researchers have also calculated that the triangulation of the UAP in most video instances places it too high to be a cruise ship or boat. Moreover, in videos where the camera is fixed/stabilized, the objects appear motionless against a black background in the majority of the footage. This stationary nature further counters the “small-boat theory,” as even on calm waters, floating objects would exhibit slight movement. Despite extensive media coverage in Turkey at the time, no individual has claimed ownership of the objects/boats or acknowledged being at sea during those late hours.

Goldstack notes, “From an analytical perspective, the Turkey Kumburgaz UFO case is unique with regards to the clear and multiple video footage obtained. Through this case, we also have sequential data that display behavioral patterns, times, and dates. We see all of the twenty-five video encounters/incidents at night-time/early morning (with one in the late evening), which is in keeping with the wider range of Ufology data that suggests UAP often appears at night-time.

We also observe a notable pattern with the encounters occurring near bodies of water – specifically, the Marmara Sea. The Sea of Marmara itself spans an area of 11,350 km2 (4,380 sq mi) and measures 280 km × 80 km (174 mi × 50 mi). It has a maximum depth of 1,370 m (4,490 ft). The significance of the Sea of Marmara to potential UAP remains unexplained. In this case, no links to nuclear facilities or weapons have been established.”