We might hopefully look forward to humans colonizing Mars but all signs point towards it becoming yet another unregulated playground for the 1%.

Last week, the United States Congress passed a legal bill, offering protection for American mining corporations in operations based on other planets. While many voting members thought they were just approving future scientific research, they may just have given the legal green light to corporations that have been mining on distant planets, without public knowledge, for a long time.

Lately, there have been a number of document-leakers claiming American companies have been using slavery for mining on Mars and other planets in our vicinity. Many say the project was first erected by a venture between the US Army and some secret societies in Germany, back in the 1950s.

While most UFOlogists always assumed the Nazis held advanced space technology and could duplicate UFOs they had discovered, many NASA engineers recall seeing Hans Kammler (a high ranking Nazi official, tasked with the implementation of slavery for top secret projects) constantly during the 60s at the Kennedy Center.


H.R.1508: Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act of 2015 was the name of the bill submitted on the 19th of March towards the Senate, but that was later included in a larger bill called  “H.R.2262 – U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act.” , which was passed in November by both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Chapter 4 of this act provides legal protection (who knows exactly what that means) for corporations investing large amounts in space research and mining projects. This means, if a company builds a mining complex on Mars or another planet, it would have legal writes over those natural resources, with legal protection by United States Federal Court.

There is a section named “51302. Commercial exploration and commercial recovery” in which strict directions are given straight to the president:

– The President, acting through appropriate Federal agencies, shall—

1- facilitate the commercial exploration and utilization of space resources to meet national needs;

2- discourage government barriers to the development of economically viable, safe, and stable industries for the exploration and utilization of space resources in manners consistent with the existing international obligations of the United States;

3- promote the right of United States commercial entities to explore outer space and utilize space resources, in accordance with the existing international obligations of the United States, free from harmful interference…”

In the first paragraph, it is clearly stated that the president not only can, but should redirect any amount of public funds necessary towards private corporations. They want to give your money to private corporations, who cares for what purpose?!


In the second paragraph, “discouraging government barriers” clearly forces the president to discard, deny or refuse any possible future bills concerning this matter that might be forwarded to the Congress.

To the average human being, this article would be translated as “We have all agreed to use slaves for mining on other planets. This document forbids anyone to later change their mind on the matter.”

If this isn’t alarming enough, the third paragraph completely allows anyone in charge of such operations wash their hands of any wrong doing. The article protects mining companies against any International Criminal Court, meaning it would be impossible for anyone to even investigate any wrong doings, let alone establish a lawsuit against a person or corporation using slave labor or other abusive practices.

Section 106 clearly gives US Federal Court “exclusive jurisdiction” on such planets, meaning any complaints or lawsuits generating from space would only be judged by the federal court, and never by anyone else.
So who knows?! Maybe tomorrow you’ll get lucky and wake up on Mars, with a pickaxe in your hands.