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Have you ever sat there watching a film or a tv show when you notice something a little odd or out of place? Something that seems too coincidental given the circumstances? The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction film directed by the Wachowskis. It stars Keanu Reeves as the main character Neo, who finds out he is the chosen one who is destined to bring humanity out of The Matrix, a false reality designed to keep them complacent by malevolent artificial intelligence.

The Matrix is particularly interesting as a piece of pop culture because of the lasting effect it has had both in and out of the film sphere. The Matrix gave rise to many conspiracy theories some of which posit that we are, ourselves, in a Matrix. The culprits for our supposed imprisonment range from a “posthuman civilization running simulations of their ancestors” to an extra dimensional race of energy vampires keeping us complacent in order to drain emotions from us(as claimed by Alex Jones).

The Day America Died

That aside, even over a decade removed from the release of the film people are finding hidden details. In the film there is a shot where Neo’s passport can clearly be seen. The expiration date of the passport is most interesting however, as it expires on September 11th. September 11th, if you have been under a rock for the past 19 years is infamous for being the date of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. Not only is it a tragic event that claimed too many civilian lives, but it is mired in controversy not least for the multitude of conspiracies swirling around the event.

The use of it to justify the 2003 Iraq war screams false flag attack, and personally I believe the US Government definitely had a hand in the tragedy likely in order to perpetuate the military industrial complex that has run rampant in America since it’s inception. The concept of pop culture predicting 9/11 is rampant, and re-examination of pre 9/11 media has revealed countless subliminal messages and warnings about the event in everything from The Simpsons to The X Files predicting the event in some capacity. Whether these are actual elite messages passed down to prepare the populace or simply cases of pareidolia is uncertain, but it is certainly strange.

Critical Thoughts

Many people the world over view 9/11 as a turning point in western society and our perception of the Government. Since then, a higher degree of scrutiny has been applied to almost every national disaster. Keen theorists scour every bit of available information more intensely than before 9/11, as trust in the US Government and the official narrative was diminished greatly on that fateful day, and while the event was abhorrent and never should be repeated the rise in critical thinking in the general public can be largely attributed to 9/11 and cannot be ignored.


In a similar vein, The Matrix is viewed as a turning point in science fiction. For the time, the graphics, effects and action were unparallelled and groundbreaking. While bullet time is now commonly used and lampooned in media to an excessive extent it was pioneered in The Matrix, and many of today’s effects wouldn’t be possible without The Matrix. In this regard, the impact of The Matrix is, to a degree, comparable to that of 9/11. 9/11 is viewed by some as “the day America woke up”.

Is it perhaps possible that the inclusion of 9/11 on Neo’s passport serves as a metaphor for the role of 9/11 in the American subconscious? That while Neo woke up the population in The Matrix to their reality and forced them to take back control, the horror of 9/11 woke up the world and forced us to examine ourselves and our society. Is this proof that the shadowy elites planned the event all along and were leaving breadcrumbs for those eagle eyed enough to spot them or is it another in a long line of coincidences that have surrounded 9/11 since the outset?

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