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Is there a deeper meaning behind the coronavirus epidemic that we are not being told, and could it possibly have something to do with alien disclosure, Project Blue Beam, or something else “they” don’t want us to know about?

That remains to be seen, but if you’ve followed the news lately, and especially, the news behind the news, then you probably have been connecting the dots as to what is really going on.

The CEOs of several different major companies have stepped down prior to the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, including Steve Easterbrook of McDonald’s, Oscar Munoz of United Airlines, Devin Wenig of eBay, and Tim Sloan of Wells Fargo.

People are being locked down from coast to coast, country to country, as millions of people across the United States file for unemployment.

Rallies are happening in the streets, causing division among people who can’t pay their bills, their mortgages, and are becoming stuck in debt while no one is allowed to open their businesses.

Meanwhile, it was even reported a few years back that Inuit elders are noticing that the Earth’s north pole has been shifting. All of this could be pointing to any number of major world events.

Could we be seeing the emergence of a new era, and could there be the potential for great upheaval among people living in metropolitan areas before disclosure finally begins as has been speculated for all these years?

Recently one UFO sighting over Detroit has the world buzzing, including the man who saw the UFOs himself, who recorded it all on video as 30-40 of the unidentified crafts appeared in formation above his neighborhood before they began disappearing into the night’s sky.

Michigan UFO Sightings Reported Statewide

According to the National UFO Reporting Center’s website, there have been dozens of UFO sightings reported in the Great Lakes State so far this year.

The first sighting in Detroit happened in early January and lasted 45 minutes during which a witness reportedly saw “three UFOs…the middle one flashed as if it were a mirror, and a commercial plane flew past within no time…”

The witness also reportedly saw jets flying through and going around the objects.

Detroit is not known as a UFO hotspot, but there have been some interesting UFO sightings in the area.

One took place in Ann Arbor in late February, during which a “cigar-shaped” craft was spotted.

Many of them remain unsolved but despite that the recent sighting earlier this month in Detroit is the one that has everybody talking.


The video, shot on April 12, 2020, is an eye-opener to say the very least.

“This is why they want us to stay in the house!” the man can be heard exclaiming.

“It’s not the coronavirus, it’s not the radiation, it is UFOs.”

The full video can be seen below, thus far it has been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube and appears to be well on its way over the one million mark in the near future.

On the website “BP Tech Fix,” it has a whopping 2.3 million-plus views already. Most of the people who viewed the video, which was part of a string of high-profile sightings from Cleveland to Texas, could be “alien vessels from deep space,” according to a report from the International Business Times. Several others have hypothesized that the wave of sightings could be connected to the recent coronavirus crisis in some way, shape or form. After listening to the witness and seeing the objects it’s hard not to think something out of the ordinary could be taking place in the skies above major cities everywhere.

Be warned that the video contains harsh language in case you may be at work or have kids in the vicinity:


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