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Project Blue Beam is the plan is to implement a New Age religion, with the Antichrist at its head. This will herald a New World Order and will change the entire world as we know it. The theory of Project Blue Beam was explored in the work of Serge Monast, before his mysterious death in 1996. But what do we really know about Project Blue Beam and what is it really capable of?

Project Blue Beam was explored in a publication, written by journalist, poet, and essayist, Serge Monast. The piece, published in 1994 detailed how NASA, with the help of the United Nations was going to technologically simulate the Second Coming of Christ, which will start a New World Order. Monast explains that NASA’s Blue Beam Project has four different stages in its plan to achieve this. Of course, the basis of this New World Order completely depends on the existence of religion, as it is based on the success of this New Age religion. The New World Order will not be achievable in a secular world.

Artificial Earthquakes…

The first stage in the NASA Blue Beam Project involves dissolving all previous archaeological knowledge. To do this, NASA, and the UN, will plan artificially created earthquakes in strategic locations around the world. The aim of these earthquakes is to destroy archaeological sites, and to “discover” new information. The discovery of this new information will seek to undermine all fundamental religious doctrines. This means that all followers of major world religions will believe that they misunderstood and misinterpreted what their religion asked of them.

The Big Space Show in The Sky…

The second stage of the NASA Blue Beam Project, according to Monast, involves a big ‘space show’. Monast explains that NASA will use three-dimensional holograms, laser projections, and sounds to mimic the new ‘gods’ voice. These holograms will be shown in various parts of the world and will correspond with the predominating national religious faith of each location and the language spoken by the ‘god’ will also correspond with the location. NASA will use holograms of Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, etc. to further explain how their religions were misinterpreted. These gods will then merge into the ‘one god’, the antichrist. According to Monast, these holograms will be projected from NASA’s satellites and they’ve already been testing them! These test projections have been seen by people all over the world, but they think that they’re UFOs or ‘flying saucers’. The second stage doesn’t stop there. In his work, Monast also explains that they will build a device that will have the capabilities of lifting a massive amount of people up, from earth, to replicate a Rapture.

The Greatest Mind Control Project Ever…

In Monast’s work, he explains exactly what Project Blue Beam is truly capable of. He advises that the third part of the New World Order take-over includes the enslavement of all mankind via mind control. He advises that Soviets have already come up with devices that they can use to control the minds of the masses. Apparently the Soviet nations and the UN have been working together all along to develop mind-control machinery which they will use to enslave all of humanity and can even have humans commit suicide if they don’t abide by this New World Order. Monast goes into a massive amount of detail regarding how exactly the mind-control machinery has been developed and how it will work. In a piece, that sounds extraordinarily like George Orwell’s novel 1984, Monast explains how we will be trained to think a certain way from birth and no will be allowed to have their own individual personality. Anyone that doesn’t comply, will be sent to eradication camps as to not encourage this new ‘anti-social’ behavior amongst others.

Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics…

The fourth step in Project Blue Beam’s plans to introduce a New World Order uses electronics to simulate supernatural occurrences. Firstly, they will stage an off-world invasion and provoke all nations to retaliate using their nuclear weapons. The UN will then require all nations to disarm, once it becomes apparent that the threat was falsified. Of course, the UN will be responsible for staging the threat in the first place. Secondly, they will artificially simulate a Rapture so that Christians will believe that their savior has come to rescue them from this merciless Antichrist. The goal of this is to dispose of all the significant opposition to the implementation of the New World Order in one go – this Rapture will be carried out within hours of the beginning of the sky show.

Thirdly, “supernatural forces” Will Be Stimulated in Waves By intervention with phone lines, tv cables, and household appliances.

Project Blue Beam is designed to destroy life on earth as we know it and to introduce a New World Order. The stages of NASA’s Project Blue Beam are designed to take away the individualism and personality of all of earth occupants by simulating the second coming of Christ and using machinery to control the minds of mankind and enslave us all. In his work Monast makes claims that this Second Coming hoax will be executed with the help of high-tech machinery and mind-control devices, and holograms but he also discredits all alien sightings in doing so; Monast claims that all alien sightings to date, are actually sightings of hologram testing! 

To some, this Project Blue Beam theory may sound completely ridiculous but in 1996, shortly after the publication of his work, Monast and another journalist who was investigating the theory, both died of heart attacks. Neither of the journalists suffered from heart disease previously. According to Monast, pseudo-heart attacks was a known method of execution, used by Project Blue Beam. Prior to his untimely death, Monast’s daughter also went missing – presumed abducted in an attempt to dissuade him from his research. She was never seen again. Although the theory sounds outrageous, Monast must have been right about something and ultimately it cost him his life!

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