It was a cold December evening in 1967, when police officer Herbert Schirmer had his alien encounter. He was out on patrol and had checked the local barn where he found the cattle behaving strangely. It was about an hour later, around 2:30 a.m., that 22-year old Herb Schirmer was driving his patrol car along U.S. Highway 6 toward Nebraska 63. Suddenly, he felt something unusual and got disoriented. 

Schirmer reached the intersection with Highway 63 when he noticed some strange red lights on his right, hovering over the ground. Schirmer assumed that it was just a truck, so he continued through the intersection, drove his car up to the object, about 40 feet away, and switched on his cruiser’s headlights. He was totally amazed to see that the object was definitely not a truck. It was shining brightly and had a metallic body. The policeman also noticed that the blinking lights were actually coming from the saucer’s window.

Police Officer Herb Schirmer drew a sketch of the UFO he saw Dec 1967. Image source: THE WORLD-HERALD

In a report, he later wrote: “At 2:30 a.m. December 3, 1967, I saw a UFO at the junction of (U.S. Highway) 6 and (Nebraska Highway) 63. Believe it or not.”

He recalled it to be a 20 feet wide, and 15 feet tall oval-shaped flying object. He also said that upon approaching the UFO, it buzzed up 10 more feet off the ground, made a loud beep sound, shot a light beam to the ground then disappeared into the sky.

Officer Schirmer mistakenly thought his encounter with the alien spacecraft was over. He had noticed that when he returned to his station at 3 a.m. he had lost 20 minutes. Some time between the spacecraft’s disappearance and returning to his station had just vanished from his memory! 

When tried to go to bed, but found that he could not fall asleep on account of a severe headache. To pass some time, he inspected his body and found a red scar under his left ear.

Schirmer took notes in his log writing down every detail he could possibly remember about his UFO encounter.

He struggled to remember what happened in the 20 minutes after his UFO encounter, but months later In July of 1968 a psychologist, Dr Leo Sprinkle from University of Wyoming conducted an experiment using hypnosis and was able to partially restore information wiped out by erasure. Those sessions were part of Condon Committee research project which studied how memories are formed under Hypnotic Regression.

Schirmer recalls that his car’s engine stalled and the radio shut off. He saw a white, and fuzzy figure that resembled a man come out of the spacecraft and approach his police cruiser.

Schirmer Drew a sketch of the alien he encountered.

He said the alien being prodded him with some device saying: “Are you the watchman of this town?” Schirmer replied, “Yes, sir,” and then the alien asked him to go with him.

The alien took Schirmer into the spacecraft. Inside, it was filled with cables, lights, and various instruments. In his time on the ship, he met several aliens who were smaller in size. These aliens told him that there were other similar flying ships, flying within the atmosphere of Earth.

Small alien tells Schirmer about themselves.

He also learned that aliens had many bases throughout the United States, but that these beings came from the nearest galaxy and had visited Venus for a while. He was told that their propulsion sуstem was utilized reverse electromagnetism, and they used Earth as their energy source. Their purpose for being there was to prevent humanity from destroying the planet Earth.

The Condon Committee unanimously dismissed Schirmer’s message as sheer delusion and hallucination. Dr. Sprinkle disagreed, but could not convince them. 

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