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While many people idealize the ancient world as a paradise where people lived simple lives, conflict was less of an issue, and people lived in harmony with nature, the truth is that there were many grisly happenings in the ancient world, and the sacrificing of animals, children, and many others is just one part of that equation.

Recently, experts managed to discover something extremely graphic in nature, and something that could possibly never be topped.

The history of what they found is just now being revealed to the world, and it’s startling as to just how deep the story goes in this case.

The discovery in question is believed to be the “world’s largest child sacrifice site,” one that involved the mass killing of hundreds of children, all in the name of performing a ritual to stop the impending coming of a phenomenon that mankind still hasn’t figured out how to stop in modern times.

These secret graves are just now being uncovered, and it could provide clues as to the nature of a violent former empire that predated the Incans. 

Remains of 227 Children Could Be the Largest Child Mass Grave in History

The “largest child ritual sacrifice ever,” the discovery involves the uncovering of the skeletons of 227 children, who were all believed to be slaughtered at the same time.

The kids, born into the Chimú empire, were believed to be sacrificed in a ritual to stop disasters linked to a phenomenon similar to El Nino, a report from News.com.au said.

Those who were sacrificed to the “weather Gods” were between the ages of four and 14, and were said to have been brutally killed up to 1,400 years ago. Some still had skin and hair upon their bodies being recovered, while others were found to be wearing silver earmuffs.

Religious leaders who carried out the killings were part of the empire, described as a powerful society that predated the Incan empire.

The alleged mass slaughter site was found in the Pampa La Cruz sector in Huanchaco, a coastal municipality of Trujillo, north of Lima, the country’s capital society that has evolved into a massive international hub with nearly 10 million people.

“We are the largest place where remains of sacrificed children have been found. There is no other (in the world),” archaeologist Feren Castillo told AFP.

“They were sacrificed to appease the El Nino phenomenon. We have found more evidence of rainfall in the findings,” Castillo added.

El Nino is the massive weather phenomenon, similar to a hurricane, that triggered flooding and landslides in 2017, killing 162 people and destroying thousands of homes. It happens when the Pacific Ocean becomes very warm, and can leave a disastrous impact on Peru and other countries in the region, especially.

Child Sacrifices, Animal Sacrifices Just Part of a Darker History in Peru

While the region is now known for its tourism, including mountainous treks and other enjoyable and adventurous activities, its dark history is quickly becoming uncovered.

In June 2018, the remains of 56 children were discovered in Pampa La Cruz, which is just two kilometers from Huanchaquito, where 140 children and 200 llamas offered in a similar ritual were discovered.

The team also discovered the remains of over 100 additional child bodies at a site nearby, who were believed to have been killed during a gruesome ritual that ended with their hearts being ripped out of their bodies in a grisly sacrifice reminiscent of the “Mortal Kombat” video game series.

Cuts to the breastbone region were discovered in their remains, which were believed to have been made by a ceremonial knife according to National Geographic magazine.

While there has been no link made to alien activity, these killings show the gruesome nature of our ancestors, and how far human society has come. 

We may not have intergalactic spaceships just yet (or do we?), but one thing’s for sure: we’ve come a long way, and the hope is that we can transcend these types of dark activities moving forward to move on with the future of our species.

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