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The history of Egypt is packed full of mystery, and the myriad sites around the country involving the pharaohs and ancient societies are among the most fascinating elements of its ancient societies.

Many believe that these societies were home to advanced alien species, giants, “Gods from the Sky,” and even robotic alien overlords that helped construct the pyramids.

For now, researchers are still working on uncovering the basics.

Recently, a major discovery was made in the world famous Luxor region, as 20 intact ancient coffins were found near the city, which sits about eight miles south of the pyramids of Giza.

The discovery was lauded as “one of the largest and most important” in recent years, according to a report from SmithsonianMag.org.

While there is plenty of history on display in museums across the country, this particular finding could change everything, according to one archaeologist involved in the project.

Could this discovery change the way we view ancient Egyptians, and could it potentially lead to us finding the true purpose of the pyramids unbeknownst to mainstream society?

Only time will tell, but for now scientists are busy sinking their teeth into this ancient mystery and uncovering everything they can surrounding the mythology of one of the region’s most hallowed areas.

This is Unprecedented;” Archaeologist Tells CNN

While researchers are used to getting as much information as possible from the tombs of Egypt themselves, the new discovery will allow them to see things from a whole new angle.

“This is unprecedented,” archaeologist Zahi Hawass tells CNN’s Julie Zaugg and Nourhan Moustafa. “Up until now, everything we knew about the [Luxor region] came from the tombs themselves, but this new discovery will allow us to shed a light on the tools and techniques used to produce the royal coffins and the furniture placed in the tombs.”

The coffins were discovered in Al-Assasif, a necropolis on the Nile River’s West Bank. They were once part of the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes, a site that stands in what is now known as Luxor.

The coffins, discovered this past fall according to the aforementioned October 2019 report, are decorated in shades of red, green, white and black, and were found stacked in two layers in a giant tomb.

The sarcophagi have been preserved well, and perhaps the most important feature of all is that they are still sealed, which is a rarity in Egyptian archaeology.

These living relics could shed more light than ever on the ancients that called the area home during Egypt’s Late Period, which lasted from 664 to 332 B.C. The tombs were said to hold the remains of nobles and government officials buried during the period.

Other tombs date back to the earlier 18th dynasty, which included the royal line of pharaohs such as Ahmenhotep I, Tutankhamun, and Hatshepsut, the “queen who would be king.”

Is Evidence of Ancient Egyptian Aliens and Even So-Called “Robot Gods” Being Suppressed?

From worshiping the God of the Underworld Osiris (often depicted with a winged disk of the sun) to creating the pyramids as potential energy centers for ancient starports, theories abound as to the extraterrestrial presence in Ancient Egypt.

Most Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that the Egyptian Gods were actually extraterrestrial visitors, but evidence to this effect has mostly been hidden from the public, if it does in fact exist.

What we’re left with is a cadre of different theories, mashed up from theorists and researchers across the world who simply believe that there was way too much going on in ancient Egypt for its complex, advanced society to be completely human in origin.

One theory, as seen in the clip from “Ancient Aliens” below from the History Channel, is that Osiris may have been a highly advanced robot.

Drawings that resemble “modern day Tesla coils” have even been pointed out by these alien theorists in the video below which has been seen its views increase sharply since it was first published last fall:

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