The enigmatic UFOs in the show that won multiple Emmy Awards are all references to real events.

As many of you know Fargo was a Coen brothers directed movie from 1996, which recently got made into a well-known, critically acclaimed TV series.

The first season caught the eye of cult, crime based movie lovers but the second isn’t yet over and already has everybody hanging on the edge of their seats. This is a good thing from an UFOlogic point of view, because people are, and will continue asking questions about the short sequences in which different characters encounter either UFOs, bright lights or strange drawings.



While the first season was your classic one man murder spree, the second is an all out war between, very well chosen, organized crime, represented by the Kansas City Mob, and a local criminal family from Minnesota. The story, in its entirety, is real and only the names have been changed.

The show also references the infamous encounter of deputy Val Johnson from 1979, who claims a bright UFO first observed him for a short time before quickly accelerating in his direction and making contact, leaving him unconscious for almost 40 minutes. When he woke up, he also realized his watch had at one point stopped for a quarter of an hour, but was now running perfectly.

But this particular incident hasn’t yet come to light in the show. Instead, we were all left jaw hanging, just like Rye, who, at the end of the first episode of season 2, after leaving a body trail at a diner, encounters bright and strange flying lights just before being run over by Peggy.

Keep in mind that, at the beginning of each episode, there’s a disclaimer saying that the story we are watching is entirely real and only the names have been changed. So if the piles of bodies and acres of grave digging are historically accurate, so must be these alien encounters, which were also reported at the time by some local papers and news agencies.

Pilot, 'Flying Saucer' Battle Over Fargo, N.D. 10-2-1948

Then, in a later episode, when the Native American tracker named Hanzee goes to the diner in order to investigate the murder scene and possibly find out what happened to Rye, he also encounters an alien ship, probably the same one.

This time, we are given a fast glimpse holding many mysterious details, because the scene only lasts, on screen, for a few seconds. However, in these short seconds we can clearly see Hanzee closing his eyes and acknowledging the UFO presence. Then, after we see the tree line shadow move from one side of the road to another in a 2 hour time lapse, he opens his eyes and immediately finds the piece of head light that helps him identify the hit and run car.

The Iroquois confederation tribes are known to hold alien communication knowledge or to have at least developed a mental defensive mechanism against UFOs. Some people concluded that Hanzee was somehow helped by the aliens in finding the broken piece of glass, while other believe he just took a mental defensive stance, for two hours, until the UFO left.

The second theory is also backed by the fact that Rye stared directly into the mysterious bright lights and, well, died. Some people on Reddit have also observed that the clock in the diner only had one hand.

Just as we were trying to make sense of these scenes and preparing for more encounters, we got another short puzzle on our hands in episode 7, when Lou’s wife went into a room up stairs at her father’s house and found a wall full of strange drawings. We haven’t got a clue what happened to her mother, who is absent from the story, so she might’ve been abducted. Others think it was the Sheriff himself who was the architect.


The series’ writers could also be trying to subtly show people that the late 70s and early 80s were the period when UFO encounters were so common and the problem got so serious that the governing forces decided to take it into the Sci-Fi area by making blockbuster movies.

The first scene in episode one depicts an actual shooting of such a movie, while during the cinema murders scene later in the series, a UFO movie was playing.

If you watch Fargo and noticed something we didn’t please leave it in the comments.

IF you haven’t watched Fargo yet, we suggest you do so, immediately. It’s on Mondays at 10 eastern on FX.