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In 1960s, Judica-Cordiglia brothers Achille and Giovanni Battista from Italy made claims that they had tapped into several Soviet Union space missions and made recordings. For the next 50 years, one of the recordings kept the whole world interested. Today there are still many skeptics and many believers, and that audio may still cause debates, but it always difficult to hear.

Brothers at work. (Wiki)

A Woman Astronaut Lost In Space?

Judica-Cordiglia brothers would listen in to transmissions from an experimental listening station from both American and Soviet programs and released nine recordings. The most famous is the one that claims to be a Soviet radio communication of the “lost cosmonaut.” 

A Soviet woman was allegedly returning back to Earth in 1961 when her spacecraft started to malfunction. One of Russian reports of the track call her Ludmila

The woman does not give much information in the recording besides feeling hot, seeing a flame, and asking if she is going to crash. 

Direct translation:

“Five…four…three …two…one…One…two…three…four…five…
Come in… Come in… Come in…Listen…listen! …come in!
Come in… Come in… Talk to me!Talk to me!… I am hot!… I am hot!
What?… Forty-five?… What?…Forty-five?… Fifty?…

Yes…yes…yes… Breathing…Breathing… Oxygen…
Oxygen… I am hot… Isn’t this dangerous?… It’s all…
Isn’t this dangerous?… It’s all…Yes…yes…yes… 
How is this? What?… Talk to me!… How should I transmit? 

Yes…yes…yes…What? Our transmission begins now…
Forty-one… This way… Our transmission begins now…
Forty-one… This way… Our transmission begins now…
Forty-one… Yes… I feel hot…I feel hot… It’s all… It’s hot…

I feel hot… I feel hot… I feel hot…
I can see a flame!… What?…I can see a flame!… 
I can see a flame!… I feel hot… I feel hot… Thirty-two…
Thirty-two… Forty-one… Forty-one

Am I going to crash?… Yes…Yes… I feel hot!…
I feel hot!… I will reenter!… I will reenter…
I am listening!… I feel hot!…”


After analyzing the audio, many have questioned why the woman was not following Soviet space protocols when communicating, why she has an accent and does not seem to sound in complete panic. 

Others say that an accent if possible because Soviet Union had people of many nationalities with different native languages–even though all had to speak Russian as well. The lack of emotions could be either due to shock or she was trained to act calm in emergencies or the effects of heat on her mental abilities to communicate. The latter may also explain not following proper communication protocols. 

It is also well-known that Soviets and Americans were in a space race at the time. After Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, it is likely that the next mission would be to send the first woman into space as well. It is also possible that there were more secret space program and tests, and that the ones that did not meet a good end were never made public. 

Brothers Today

If the recordings were created by the brothers to create fame for themselves, they had succeeded in small ways. In 1964 they won a visit to NASA. In 2007, the were a part of a documentary I pirati dello spazio (Pirates of Space), and were talked about in 2009 by the BBC (even though their story was highly dramaticized). In 2011, their story was told on the TV show “Dark Matter: Twisted But True.” 

After the “fame” Achille became as a cardiologist, and Giovanni Battista started working  in Italian police helping with phone-tapping in criminal investigations. 

The “Lost Astronaut” Recording 

As for their recordings, you have to listen to the most famous one yourself: 

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People Are Opening Their 3rd Eye & Grounding With Hape

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