It’s probably bug week somewhere in the world so, in honor of this tradition, let’s take a look at the protagonists of some of the strangest alien encounters: the mantis or insectoid aliens.

Witness reports and abduction testimonials suggest there is a large variety of insectoid extraterrestrials keeping their compound eyes on us but one particular group stands out, both through physical appearance and place in the chain of command.

While the grey alien figure is commonly described by those who’ve been aboard an extraterrestrial craft, there is reason to suspect they aren’t actually the ones in charge. In some instances, abductees reported the presence of insect-like creatures overseeing or commanding the entire operation. Although insectoid aliens do not appear in the recollections of all abductees, it’s safe to assume that the creatures occupying the highest positions in the chain-of-command wouldn’t have to show their presence. The medical procedure can be performed by the lower echelon personnel, the short greys.

The most common description of an insectoid alien says they stand up to 9 feet tall and walk in a bipedal position. These beings have narrow faces with long, slanted eyes. Their thin, delicate torsos bring them one step closer to the Praying Mantis that lent them its name.

insectoid alien mantis extraterrestrial

There are several theories trying explain the nature and origin of the mantis aliens. Some UFO researchers believe that the insect-like nature is a clue about their earthly origins. They cite the fact that insects have been around for a long time and they had plenty occasions to evolve into a sentient, and ultimately highly-intelligent life form. The oldest insect fossil is estimated to be over 400 million years old, giving these invertebrates ample time to become self-aware and a dominant life form. It’s been speculated that by the time the dinosaurs were wiped out during the Cretaceous – Paleogene extinction event, the insectoids had already achieved a technological level superior to our own. This allowed them to weather out the bad times in underground cities, where they continued evolving and experimenting. Some theorists even believe it was the insectoid aliens who engineered the reptilians by splicing their own DNA with that of the most intelligent dinosaurs living at that time.

Others disagree with this theory, claiming instead that mantis aliens evolved elsewhere in the universe, stumbling upon Earth millions of years ago and keeping their eyes on it ever since. This actually seems more plausible than the endemic to Earth mantis alien theory. After all, why would these insectoids abduct humans aboard their UFOs when they still operated underground facilities?

According to Amariah, a woman who has been in telepathic contact with Mantis beings, these aliens originated in the Sombrero Galaxy, a spiral galaxy three times smaller than our own Milky Way. It’s located approximately 28 million light-years from Earth, in the constellation of Virgo.

insectoid alien mantis extraterrestrial being

Amariah was told that Mantis beings evolved on an insect planet several hundred million years ago and were one of the first species in our universe to develop advanced self-awareness.

They developed the use of tools but in unison they became highly sensitive to sound and light and its reflection in colors.  They used this special heightened awareness and became highly advanced in the connection and use of frequencies to change their environment and to communicate with each other and their surroundings”

Another interesting glimpse into the world of mantis aliens is provided by artist and abductee David Huggins. He described many of his encounters with insectoid extraterrestrials and various other hybrids in a book called Love in an Alien Purgatory. As the title suggests, Huggins was involved in a lot of hybridization experiments aboard an extraterrestrial craft captained by a Mantis being that also oversaw all experiments.