Huggins claimed he was partnered with a personal hybrid named Crescent and was telepathically guided into having sexual intercourse with her, on multiple occasions. He also wrote that the Mantis Being behaved in a voyeuristic manner and was always present during the alien hanky panky time. Was this because he wanted to learn or simply because he desired to telepathically absorb the emotions the two experienced? Huggins was unable to provide an answer, but the Mantis’ continued presence showed that he wasn’t there on academic missions alone.

Further cementing the idea that the insectoid aliens are the ones in charge, Huggins recalled an episode when the hybrid females petitioned for him to be allowed to stay with them and not be returned to Earth. The Mantis Being firmly refused.

Not all witness reports paint the picture of a benevolent being. There are accounts that portray creatures of a violent nature, often attacking unprovoked. Below is the incident that riled “Jim”, a Londoner that had the unpleasant chance to deal with a group of curious insectoids:

“I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning to find a tall praying mantis looking being and a cloaked being by the side of my bed. I thought to myself “What crazy dream is this?” The cloaked being looked at me from beneath its hood, revealing its black skin, which appeared leathery and reflecting light much like a beetle’s skin. I shut my eyes, thinking this must be a realistic dream! But when I re-opened my eyes, the figures were unfortunately still there.”

insectoid alien mantis extraterrestrial being 2

Jim recalls being paralyzed with fear as the insectoid aliens used a metal object to shine a green light onto his eye and then his skull. The procedure was painful and traumatic and, even though it happened in 2001, Jim still gets the chills from time to time:

“I sometimes hear clicking sounds inside my head. I was in shock for a long while afterwards; I can say that this definitely happened, this definitely was real. I have no answers or conclusions but I think it’s important to get real life accounts out there. “

As strange as this incident might seem, there are others that involve regular physical attacks from insectoid aliens that materialize/dematerialize at will. In an interview with a former special ops warrior, UFO researcher Ted Twietmeyer noted the peculiarities of his encounter with mantis beings:

Ted: How have you been lately?
Jim2: I’m sick of this place and have to move.

Ted: Why?
Jim2: I’m just sick of the Insectoids. They have been mutilating and decapitating my horses. I’ve shot them outside but they keep coming. You don’t want to discharge any firearm indoors, so I use a machete and simply hack them to pieces.

Ted: So what happens to the bodies after that?
Jim2: It makes a mess that I have to clean up.

Ted: What about the bodies and body parts? What do you do with them?
Jim2: They just disappear. You can count to about 20 and they vanish.

Ted: What about the blood?
Jim2: Any blood that leaves their bodies stays behind.

Ted: What does your wife think of all this?
Jim2: She’s no longer shocked by it. Often when she comes home from work I’m mopping blood off the floor.

Ted: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Jim2: I would add that I have always experienced a sudden awareness of their presence even if I can’t see them. The energy in the area where they appear seems different just before I can see them. It is the same feeling that I get just the same second as a large bolt of lighting gives me when there is a really bright flash near by.

Even stranger than the second Jim’s account is the one narrated by ufologist Joe Lewels, following his meeting with contactee Rebecca Grant.

In 1996, Grant told Lewels she had been nurturing a relationship with a mantis being she had nicknamed MU, short for Master of the Universe. The being told her that in about twenty years humanity will begin suffering the consequences of their ecological damage. MU told her “The human race is essentially, if not actually, extinct.” This message has been delivered before, but this was the first time it came from an alien bug creature claiming to rule the cosmos. But it doesn’t stop here.


When Lewels asked Grant to inquire whether MU had intervened in Earth’s history, she was given an outstanding answer. The Mantis Being identified himself with Jehovah, the ruthless god of the Ancient Israelites. Yes, the same one that caused the global flood and gave Moses the Stone Tablets of Law.

Like with any other extraterrestrial species, details surrounding the Mantis aliens are sometimes conflicting. But you have to remember most descriptions of insectoid extraterrestrials come from people who’ve suffered at their hands/pincers and recalling traumatic experiences can sometimes produce distorted memories. The same thing goes for hypnosis.

But let’s not get bogged down in details. If the grey aliens aren’t the ones running the show, perhaps it’s the insectoid aliens we should be worrying about. So stay safe and don’t walk into any tractor beams!