Passed to Herodotus, an ancient Greek writer, by a priest of Ifestus/Hephaestus (the Egyptian perversion of Ptah), the information received is in regards to a period between him and “The 1st King” of Egypt. During this time, the sun is said to have changed sides 4 times. It is told as having set twice where it has risen, and risen twice where it sets. With some simple calculations we can find an approximate timeframe foreach proposed flip.

Based on Herodotus’ assumptions and calculations, the King was an unknown player who lived around 11,940 BCE. According to the Old Egyptian Chronicle, the king was Ifestus. According to the oldest Phoenician record, The Elioun were the first Kings. Lastly, we have the commonly told history’s account of Menes.

The chart above calculates 4 timespans between the
specified dates. From the approximate date of the King to the birth of Priest, +/-100, gives the total time between the priest and proposed king. We then divide this number by 4 to accommodate the sun having switched sides 4 times as mentioned. This number tells us the duration of the cycle. Then subtract this figure from the original which shows a general window of when this proposed flip is said to have occurred.


If the Sun did in fact rise in other parts of the sky, wouldn’t there be a record of it? Some of the times shown do occur during periods that were known to be dark ages, yet still a v common occurrence. So then, if the world isn’t flipping, what exactly is is that the Egyptians were witnessing? Perhaps it was the theoretical star Nemesis that was proposed back in 1984? The Egyptians were known to have their own symbol for the sun. This winged sun disc should not be confused with it, meaning it’s possible that it was indeed Nemesis they had witnessed.

The red and blue sections of the chart show the different phases of each of the flips and the white shows the duration of each cycle. If Nemesis is real and not just theoretical and the Egyptians witnessed it pass by at least 4 times, then these calculations would show the orbit.

Of the all the sources, The Old Egyptian Chronicle and Sanchuniathon have always fit with every other part of the mystery. Without any direct references to the sun rising in other locations, it seems that we can conclude flipping is unlikely to have occurred. Therefore, the possibility of The Old Egyptian Chronicle of Nemesis is possible! 2 separate symbols of the sun have commonly been shown in various ancient cultures throughout the world.

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