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Here is another piece UfoHolics can add to the puzzle. This puzzle piece is courtesy of To The Stars, who put much work in obtaining this piece of footage from the US Navy . If this sort of footage keeps on coming we might even see a detailed picture. To The Stars and other sources must keep the momentum of release going to bring out the truth of Unidentifed Objects and extraterrestrials or this can fade into obscurity. 

GO FAST is the third of three official USG videos selected for release after official review by multiple government organizations. While To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science was the first to obtain a copy, the video has been released in other forms, like usatoday, and popularmechanics.

The video, nicknamed GO FAST, starts by explaining the various numbers and symbols that appear in the footage, things like the aircraft’s altitude (25,000 feet) and the fact that the ATFLIR was pointed ahead and to the left of the Super Hornet. The readout also explains that the aircraft was traveling at 252 knots, or .61 Mach, and in a five degree turn. The object was approximately 4.4 nautical miles away.

The reported encounter between U.S. Navy aircraft and UFOs has been released to the general public. The video, taken onboard a F/A-18F Super Hornet strike fighter, shows a fast-moving object passing below the fighter, with an amazed aircrew watching the incident unfold. This follows the release of footage of a separate, still unexplained incident from 2004 which surfaced late last year.

The UFO investigative group To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences secured the video by a Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. Government. The video was taken in 2015 off the East Coast by a F/A-18F fighter jet using the aircraft’s onboard Raytheon AN/ASQ- 228 Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) Pod. ATFLIR is designed to allow pilots to track, target, and destroy targets on the ground at ranges of up to 40 miles. ATFLIR is also good at spotting, but not engaging, aerial targets.

The video shows the Super Hornet’s weapon system operator repeatedly trying to acquire the UFO with the ATFLIR’s built-in autotracker, which can pick out an object and keep it centered on camera. After two tries, the Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) triumphantly shouts, “Whoa, got it!” to which another person, presumably the pilot says, “Woo hoo! Whoa!”

“What the —- is that thing?” the pilot asks. The WSO later says, “Oh my gosh, dude” to which the pilot says, “Wow, what is that, man?”

Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/wxVRg7LLaQA

What do you think of the video? I see this as proof that there are Unidentified Objects in our skies and other beings that exist outside of Earth. Typically, I find the images captured on video are often reduced to silly shaky videos of distant lights in the sky that could be drones or balloons. People who want to know more about unidentified objects can only benefit by the broad sharing of this sort of released information.

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