According to recent reports, one researcher uncovered a community of unadulterated Pleiadians living the good, simple life in a remote village in Northern Argentina.

Feel like getting out? It means you’ve noticed the spiritual degradation our society has been steadily falling into. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an oasis of tranquility and equilibrium, where you could be surrounded by like-minded beings? A place whose inhabitants have evolved past meaningless and petty conflict and where you could focus on what really matters?

Well, if these reports are to be trusted, such a place exists and it could be on a continent near you!

UFO researchers seemingly uncovered a splinter cell of Pleiadians or Nordic aliens who have isolated themselves from the rest of humanity in a remote part of rural Argentina. Their exact location is uncertain but one who went in search of the community could probably find it in the province of Salta, somewhere between the towns of Cachi and La Poma.

pleiadian community

Be warned though, journeying to this place is a test in itself. In order to reach the Pleiadian outpost, one must first find and keep his footing on the meandering paths that crisscross the rustic setting. He must then pass through a number of gates and only with a keen eye could he then spot the small homestead camouflaged by thick vegetation. As the story goes, your arrival is announced by ringing a bell attached to the end of a pole.

In recent times, a local reporter managed to make his way up to the settlement where, to his amazement, he was greeted by a leader of the community as though they knew he was on his way.

We were expecting you. Our brothers of light told us you would be coming.”

Regional media claims the community numbers around 30 Pleiadians who go about their daily activities in complete harmony with Mother Nature. They told investigators their balance and respect stemmed from their alien origins. As the descendants of highly advanced beings from a distant star system, the earthly Pleiadians inherited their ancestors’ wisdom and tranquility.

purebred pleiadian community

Although surrounded by an area rich in resources and vast tracts of land suitable for farming, they maintain a decidedly low impact on the environment. They perform no commercial exploitation whatsoever and only produce what they require to sustain themselves. Their main interest lays with the sacred spaces of the stars. The circles they draw on the ground correspond to the firmament above them. They enter those circles barefoot and are transported through meditation into higher spheres.

Here we pray and talk to them,” the elder said pointing to the sky.

They claim they came here long ago to act as bearers of an important message. It’s intriguing that they chose to deliver this message in subtle ways, through setting an example rather than using big words written in the sky. The Argentine Pleiadians consider themselves the forerunners of the “end of an evolutionary cycle.”

Mankind has been through several cycles like the one that’s about to end. A cycle’s length is not fixed; the shortest lasted ‘only’ 5,200 years while the longest took 26,000 revolutions around the Sun to complete. At the end of each cycle, the Pleiadians, acting as Emissaries of Light reveal themselves and guide mankind through its next evolutionary step. An interplanetary audit of sorts and some would say it’s long due.

The Pleiadians’ connection takes on a more personal approach; it’s been claimed that while they speak to the entire planet as a whole, they also maintain strong relations to each and any human being on an intimate level. As deeply spiritual beings, the Pleiadian/Nordic race is very concerned about the road we’re on and would offer assistance when needed.

In this case, a Pleiadian takeover of Earth seems like nothing to be worried about because they would be operating on a refined, extramundane level. Some even speculate the Pleiadians represent the next stage in human evolution and there might be an ethereal connection between us and them, one that paradoxically transcends the constraints of time and space. We might be one and the same and we wouldn’t even know it.

Ancient alien theorists surmise that one of history’s best examples of Pleiadian contact took place in Ancient Egypt, when the Light Beings embodied human forms to aid and advance those who heard their call. While they attempted a Great Awakening of sorts, mankind was not ready back then.

Maybe we still aren’t, but now would be a great time.