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While zooming into the recent photos of Mars released by NASA, analysts have come across what seems to be one of the greatest discoveries from the martian terrain yet – or should we say underground?

After a first glimpse of the image, ufologists thought they were dealing with some kind of ancient structure from Earth but, it was actually buried under the Red Planet’s surface.

A medium size fissure has uncovered what seems to be the remnant of an ancient martian structure resembling those of ancient civilizations on Earth.

Judging by the straight lines forming the architecture and the circular pattern on the left wall – looking like an old Chinese dynasty gong – it appears to be artificial in nature rather than a natural phenomenon.

It looks like some sort of house with a devastated roof, considering the slightly bent platform entering the mud wall to the left or even the entrance to a tunnel system.


Others speculate that the sphere-shaped pattern is actually a stargate due to its proportions and circular, artificially-looking shape.

Whatever the case, the shape of the structure is very linear and it’s unlikely to think that it occurred as a result of a geological circumstance – rather a natural event of such sort helped to uncover the mysterious relic.

Zooming out offers a new perspective over things, as the site appears to be buried underneath the dune-shaped peak of a martian mountain.

It adds up different proportions to the matter, making the structure look bigger and wider, possibly extending to the right side of the mountain.

Is this the evidence we were waiting for to become certain that an antique civilization existed and thrived on Mars when the planet sustained life in its distant past ?

Here is the official high resolution satellite picture of Mars ancient settlement or underground base.

Even though NASA released this high quality image of the Martian soil, they still cover up essential information concerning many aspects.

Discoveries like this help us understand why they want to colonize the Red Planet in the near future.

They contribute to the assumption that NASA has already unveiled history-changing mysteries on the surface of Mars, and are now eager to be the first to exploit and possess what ancient technologies they supposedly uncovered.
We consider that the space agency will never reveal essential information on purpose, that’s why the key role for finding and divulging this secrets is left to the open minded people.