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Boris Kipriyanovich was born on January 11, 1996, and since then he has not been a normal child. Boris has always been a fast developer but throughout his childhood, he demonstrated super capabilities that are seemingly impossible. Mum and doctor, Nadya, insist that he is a gifted child but could his abilities be super-human, or alien?

Boris From an Early Age…

Boris has shown extraordinary abilities from a very young age. Usually, it takes a couple of months for infants to have the strength to hold their own heads up, as they’re relatively heavy in comparison and their neck muscles aren’t strong enough to support them. Boris, on the other hand, was able to support his own head from just 15 days old, according to his mum.
Of course, the development of every child is different but generally speaking, most children start beginning to speak closer to their first birthday – some earlier and some later. Boris began speaking when he was only a couple of months old, which heralded the beginning of an ongoing pattern of early development. By the age of one and a half, Boris, Boriska as his parents call him, was speaking in full sentences and perfect vocabulary. Despite this, his parents, and doctors, were baffled when the child was able to read, write, and draw by the age of two.

Boris Past Life On Mars…

When Boris was seven years old, his family took him along on a camping trip. The group gathered around the campfire, that evening, expecting some campfire stories or perhaps some scary stories. They got more than they bargained for.
Boris, who is now known as the Indigo Boy, asked the group to sit around the campfire and listen to his strange tale. Gennady Belimov, a university Professor in the Volgograd region of Russia, was present at the camping trip and recounts the strange occurrence. Belimov explains that they witnessed the seven-year-old share his story about his past life on Mars. The child spoke in great detail about how he had been living on the war-ravaged planet Mars, before being reborn on Earth.

The schoolboy spoke for more than an hour about his Martian race who were nearly wiped out by nuclear war on Mars. He believes that he was sent here to ensure that the same fate does not befall the human race.

We all know that children can have wild imaginations but here’s the thing, Boris’ parents never told him about Mars or space. Boris didn’t have access to books or the internet to research the subject – so where did he get this knowledge?

Boris Recalls Martian memories…

Boris spoke with confidence and detail when he told astonished onlookers about his past life on Mars. He explained that Martians are seven-feet tall and they now live underground on Mars, since the nuclear war, and they breathe carbon dioxide.
According to the Indigo Boy, he had been a Martian a long time ago. He explained that in his past life, he had worked as a military pilot for Mars and had visited Earth many times, back when there was only one continent. In his tale, he explained that both Earth and Mars had advanced societies and possessed time travel and teleportation technologies. Boris particularly liked Egypt and he visited a lot in his triangle-shaped spacecraft, which as powered by plasma and ion.

Experts have said that they believe him…

Boris’ claims and knowledge of the galaxy has bewildered scientists. It is not unheard of that children are fascinated by space and may learn facts off by heart, but Boris had a greater understanding of complex theories and workings of the solar system. And he was only seven years old. He explained that in his past life, when he was a teenager, the Martians tried to create a sun out of Jupiter and failed which led to an all-out nuclear war on the planet he called home. This endeavor left its mark on Saturn, which we now know as the “Great Red Spot”.

Boris explains that despite our efforts of finding life on Mars, his people had to move underground to survive the fall-out from the nuclear war. They have had to adapt to breathing carbon dioxide to survive – we haven’t found them because we’ve been looking in the wrong place.

Why Did He Come To Earth?

Boris came to Earth to warn us of the dangers of nuclear war. He came to save us from the same fate that destroyed his past life on Mars. The also believes that there are secrets hidden inside the Great Sphinx in Giza. The key to unlocking these secrets are hidden behind the ears of the Great Sphinx, but once they are unlocked the world will be changed forever.
Over-active imagination?

Perhaps this is a case of a highly intelligent and gifted children entertaining himself with tales of a fictional past life on Mars, or perhaps we really do have a Martian in our midst. His immense understanding of the galaxy may not have been picked up from a book but we probably won’t know until we unlock these secrets of which he speaks!

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