Another floating city appeared over China, but this time it’s not over the clouds how you would have expected.

This bizarre phenomenon was seen over the sea at Port of Dalian, China, and contrary to the previous sightings, the city appears to be hovering over the sea instead of the clouds. The incredible view has been witnessed by many residence of the city including the Chinese news CCTV, who also recorded a crystal-clear shot of this rare apparition.

CCTV China stated the following in their report: “A stunning mirage depicting a group of buildings was seen above the sea along the port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province on Friday. Seen from the land, it appears as though the buildings were looming in the fog, resembling a fairy city on the sea. Take a look at this splendid scene.”

[iframe id=”” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”floating city over China” grow=”no”]

So what could be the cause of this fantastic sighting? Is this a natural phenomenon, or rather a holographic image projected by a secret military institution known as ‘Project Blue-Beam’?

According to most analysts, the floating city is extremely likely to be a mirage also known as a ’Fata Morgana,’ an optical phenomenon named after Morgan le Fay, a powerful sorceress from King Arthur’s legends. A Fata Morgana can usually be seen on land or at sea, in polar regions or in deserts, and it can involve almost any type of distant object, including boats, pieces of land, and even bits of a city as seen in the above video and the previous cases.

Dailymail gave a brief explanation of how a Fata Morgana manifests: “This is a type of mirage that distort distance objects, and can be seen on land or sea. It’s caused when the sun heats up the atmosphere above the land or oceans, which creates a gradient of temperatures. The air close to the surface is relatively cool and above that are layers of warmer air.”

When light hits a boundary between two layers of the atmosphere – and as a result different densities – it bends and travels at a different angle. Our brain assumes that light travels in a straight path, so when it bends, we think the object is where it would be if the light’s path runs straight.”

On the other hand, a more controversial explanation (but not impossible) is “The Blue Beam Project,” where the world elites will try to bring a new religion and implicit a new world order through computer-simulated holograms projected worldwide. It will make use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based laser-generating satellites. These projectors will transpose simultaneous images to the four corners of the world, and in every language based on the region.

The system has apparently already been tested over remote areas of the desert where holographic projections of Christ had been witnessed. Project Blue Beam also involves computer-generated images of alien crafts, cryptids, aliens, angels and other otherworldly apparitions. The mysterious floating cities are also pointing towards this hypothesis, proving that this secret project, if it exists, has no boundaries or limitations in its holographic imagery.

The floating city from China’s Liaoning Province is the fourth apparition of this kind since 2011. There have been many similar sightings across the world, but since only tabloid publications reported them, they didn’t receive the required attention and have ultimately been debunked as fakes.

In a world where people are being slowly controlled through various means, it’s easy to understand how such a daring and futuristic plan will be accomplished by the elites. I do not deny the possibility of all these being just mirages, but since we’re living in the 21st century it’s likely that the technology evolved to such a point where Project Blue Beam is not a phantasmagorical concept anymore. You can find more insight into this project HERE.