Tom Macdonald is an up and coming rap star with new singles amassing millions of views rather quickly and for good reason. His messages simply make sense. Instead of curtailing to the MSM like many mainstream artists, he’s defining his own vision and ideas and even calling out rappers like Eminem for being so close minded. Many mainstream artists have become pushovers, teachers pets, snowflakes. In fact, Tom has a song called “Snowflakes” just for them. The Canadian born rapper was born September 21, 1988. His birthday is next week. He’s 32 years old and rising the charts quickly. With hit singles like “If I was black” and “Snowflakes” as well as “whiteboy” and more. Check out his music below.

Check out some of his videos:

What do you think about Tom Macdonald? Check him out on Youtube here, and Instagram here.

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