Victor Hugo was quoted as saying “One cannot resist an idea who’s time has come.” This is the case with Nikola Telsa. You cannot deny that as an inventor he was early, even though his time came and passed his lack of business skill and the ability to be financially savvy hurt him in the end. We all know some of the main things that Tesla was known for, what he created that changed the world forever.

Tesla Had 112 Known Patents – Possibly More

Tesla, the visionary inventor of our time was granted 112 registered U.S patents for his work! Some other countries also have records that he filed but it’s hard to know for sure what they are without confirmation from Tesla himself or someone who knows more about this topic than I do.

It is believed that Nikola Tesla held somewhere in the order of 196 patents for his tech, across 26 countries worldwide. Of these grants from other nations and regions around our globe–the largest number appears to have been filed Great Britain with thirty-one granted there as well!

Tesla also held about 10 patents in France, 27 in Belgium, 21 German – 19 Italian and 15 Austrian. He appears to have filed the occasional patent elsewhere including Spain (1), Brazil(2) & Austria.(3)

One of Tesla’s Patents.

There’s no doubt that Tesla was not only one of the greatest inventors but one of the most brilliant men of all time.

Tesla Created Concepts and Inventions Such As:

1. Free wireless energy

2. The Tesla Coil

3. The Magnifying Transmitter

4. The Tesla Turbine

5. The Shadowgraph

6. The Radio (Yes!)

7. The Neon Lamp

8. The Niagra Falls Transformer House

9. The Induction Motor

10. The Radio Controlled Boat

11. The AC Current (Alternating Current)

The list goes on and on, but what most people don’t know was that there were a list of inventions under the surface that Tesla had created that were game changing that were either lost, stolen (by Ediston or others) or censored entirely out of fear for loss of entire industries such as the energy industry. Take a look at this video that reveals all:

Tesla, in the New Yorker Hotel in a Rare Interview.

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