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A man by the name of Joseph was up ready for work in a small town near Lancaster, Pennslyvania. Amish country. The pictures were taken in Manheim, Pa. Which is in the county of Lancaster Pennsylvania. This is about 1.5 hours slightly north, but mostly west from Philadelphia. This is a far cry from silicon valley.

Manheim, PA (Just north of Lancaster)

The day was was Monday, 8/3/2020 in a small town in Amish country Pennsylvania, in a small town called Manheim. Joseph was up early and on his way to work at around 5:45 AM. The sunrise was rather spectacular in a golden hue this morning so Joseph took a pic of the sunrise, a few pictures. Why not? The 1st and 2nd shot. Later that afternoon Joseph showed a coworker when he noticed that there seemed to be some sort of object in the second picture. Joseph shares “When I got home I enlarged the picture and tried to make it a little clearer.”

I freaked out when I AGAIN saw what looked like what I saw in Feb, The window was down, no reflections, no flash.

Joseph took the pictures below of the sunrise before he headed out to work, thinking nothing of it, until later in the day when showing the pictures to a co-worker.

The First Picture Taken. Seems Normal Right? Wait until a few minutes later. The second shot…

This picture is taken looking Eastward as the sun coming up. Joseph shares that It’s “Starting to freak me out a bit, at 61 years old I have never before seen stuff like this in the sky.”

The second shot. If you look closely, you’ll see something smack dab in the middle of the picture here.

At 5:45 AM in Manheim, Pennsylvania looking east. There seems to be a disc-shaped UFO in the sky, floating away.

The final, zoomed in image. Clearly something flying in the sky, and not a cloud.

It looks like a UFO with 3 separate viewing areas. 3 Windows of sorts. That are lit up to some degree. A unique shaped craft. Joseph shares “Just cant believe what I may have seen, most people I show it to just go wow, not too many think I’m nuts, that’s good! like I say, I don’t know what I saw, I just know I saw it.”

Joseph shares: “Same town 20 some odd years ago I looked up and I believe it was a stealth bomber, black triangle but moving forward like a jet.”

It seems this little town in Pennsylvania, may need more attention in the skies.

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