A fleet of UFOs was captured on tape by a passenger on board of a jet airliner heading to Taiwan. The man managed to film this amazing proof of UFOs on planet Earth until he was asked to turn off his phone due to the landing policy.

After the case was reported to MUFON on October 23, 2014, analysts and UFO hunters tried to find a reasonable explanation for this peculiar sighting, but ended up without any reasonable justification, apart from a UFO scenario, therefor closing the case unexplained.

The bright UFOs appearing on the plane window do not resemble to any known crafts. They appear relatively small in size and their shape is likely to be circular or round. Also, the strange orbs are flying at a lower altitude than the jet airliner, right above the clouds that provide a perfect cover up from ground radars and other devices that could spy on them.

Are these flying orbs following or spying on the plane? Or is it that they’ve been spotted and filmed by pure coincidence? From what the witness revealed, it appears that a powerful light coming from the window captured his attention. He stated that:

I was on the airplane of Eva Airline from Canada to Taiwan. It was October 16, 2014, 30 minutes before landing. The first clip was only five seconds. I saw a bright light flying under. In the second picture I saw three UFOs in my camera.

The third video I have is 38 seconds and it shows about eight UFOs flying under the plane. I used slow motion to film the video until they asked me to turn my camera off due to landing policy. The location is at the northeast of Taiwan.

We can see clearly how the bright orbs are flying just above the clouds while at the same time maintaining the same speed as the plane. They don’t appear to have an organize formation like a military squad would, therefor raising a lot of questions about their origins. Could these be alien crafts? Or is it that the military is testing their new toys?


After further analyzing this case, we have found a lot of similarities between these UFOs and the bright orbs reported all over the world. The objects are flying at the same altitude, which most of the time is just above or below the clouds and have the same characteristics in shape and brightness. Also at a closer look, they appear to pulsate, thus explaining the powerful ray of light which drawn the attention of the witness.

These curious bright orbs were seen by UFO hunters countless times and are either interfering with the chem trails – HERE, or they perform “bizarre rituals” on the night sky by executing some law-defying maneuvers. This however, is a rare case surprised from above, and it reveals an alarming number of these orbs, as well as an oblivious attitude towards our earthly aircraft. Why are these UFOs not going for a cautious approach, behind the plane or even on its sides? Is it because they are already used to our extreme ignorance or maybe because we’re talking about military technology here?


Whatever the case, this phenomenon is becoming more and more alarming, and as their numbers appear to increase, so is their level of ignorance towards us. If these orbs are indeed of extraterrestrial origins, military devices or even artificial intelligence, we are yet to find out, and based on their fearless behavior, it might not take that long until they publicly reveal themselves to the world.

You can also view the case of the fallen UFOs that are strongly resembling to the orbs from the video. From what we know, the military immediately secured the objects and NASA declared that they were only space debris from the ISS.