A few days ago, a second enigmatic object fell from the sky in Spain, scaring the locals even more.

After on Nov 3, reports concerning two peculiar alien-like objects dropping in some regions of Spain and Turkey have surfaced, the local population started to panic.

According to news and internet reports, a cylindrical metal object estimated to weigh around 50 ponds was found on multiple locations across the globe. The first object was found by a local farmer in the town of Calasparra, Spain. The man claimed that the object fell from the sky and crashed into his goat farm, raising suspicion about its origins and at the same time fear, as it could had hit a more dense populated area from the city.

With the local population stressed out about these threatening apparitions, the Civil Guard immediately took over the situation by activating the NRBQ procedure for nuclear, radiological, bacterial or chemical threats. The authorities sealed off the area where the mysterious globe fell and took it into custody for further analysis.

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After a few days, a second object crashed in a remote area of Villavieja, Spain, a town with 10,000 residents. The event panicked the local population even more, having the mayor engage in a desperate statement:

Where are these objects coming from? Why are they falling here precisely? Will more fall, and what would happen if any of these balls fall into a highly populated area? Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve an explanation. These objects are made of a material so strong it survives almost intact upon falling to earth and can cause catastrophic explosions.

It seems that the concerns regarding more dangerous objects falling from the sky were justified, as another similar object fell into the city of Sakarya Karasu, Turkey. With a population of over 30,000, the tourist city came close to a tragedy, but fortunately the space object fell on a beach just near the city. The military authorities immediately took over the situation but didn’t give any explanation regarding these oddities except that the people should not be afraid.


Even though the mystery balls appear to be space junk, perhaps debris from an old rocket booster or even remnants of a satellite whose orbit decayed, some UFO researchers investigating into this matter have different beliefs. According to Scott Waring:

I believe these are cloud orbs otherwise known as alien drones that were struck by lightning or shot down. Alien tech does not usually have wires and loose circuits like our tech has. Alien tech is on a micro scale and is built into the metal of the craft itself. Much like a 3d printer printing the wires inside of a toy robot so when it’s finished, all you do is add the batteries. Alien tech has it all built in, except for their propulsion system.

Only time will tell if more objects will fall from the sky. Whether they are space debris or advanced alien devices we can only speculate, but since the military has already gathered them only points towards a covered-up truth hypothesis.