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For 46 years now, Speigel has been investigating UFOs. A writer, journalist and producer, Speigel spent decades trying to give people concrete evidence that UFOs exist through disclosing information and knowledge that he had acquired over the last few decades. It started in 1973, when a wave of sightings attracted media attention. These burst of sightings prompted Speigel to start his own intensive research and investigation into UFOs.

What he found was enough to convince him that Aliens exist.

Speigel, CBS and the United Nations (1977-1978)

Sometime after the sightings, Speigel went to CBS and made them an offer. He would travel the country and interview reputable people such as scientists, law enforcement, astronauts and some within the military. People he believed to be credible and possessed strong opinions or first-hand experience on the subject of UFOs.

He interviewed people he read about in Ralph and Judy’s book, “Beyond the Earth: Man’s Contract with UFOs.” He then went back to New York and wrote and produced a record album he called, “UFOs: The Credible Factor.”

In 1977, Speigel heard about a speech given at the United Nations by Prime Minister of the Caribbean country of Grenada. Eric Gairy had the intention of persuading the UN to start an international study committee that would investigate and share the information on UFOs with other nations. An attempt that was ignored by the UN and the media.

Speigel got in touch with Gairy and introduced himself and his work. After some collaboration, they agreed to work together. The Prime Minister and Speigel created a presentation that would bring attention to the UN and the media. The presentation took place November 27th, 1978 and Speigel had speakers such as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and Dr. Jacques Vallee.

Dr. Hynek was an astronomer who worked in the air force. He was a scientific consultant to Project Bluebook. Dr. Vallee was a computer scientist, author and an astrophysicist who was also an important figure in the study of UFOs. Speigel also got help from astronaut and aerospace engineer Gordan Cooper. He focused his presentation on credible people who had worked for the air-force.

Speigel had built a good case on UFO disclosure that got the attention of the United Nations, the media and nations around the world. Many became interested in the possibility of starting a committee but that was vetoed by the United States and the Soviet Union at the time. The information gathered is now sitting at the United Nations according to Speigel.

Disclosure Is Already Here

Speigel claims he has evidence that the air force has been teaching their cadets about UFOs since before 1968. He believes that the air force had a physics text book called Introductory Space Science, with chapter 33 called “Unidentified Flying Objects.” This textbook was not for publication and was especially created for air force cadets who were to become pilots and officers.

Dr. Hynek gave the textbook to Speigel and together they made copies which they used as evidence at the United Nations.

According to Speigel, disclosure has already happened.

“All you have to do is look for it, spend the time to maneuver through all the crap that’s out there, the hoaxes and everything else.”

Speigel believes that there’s been many examples of disclosure.

One is his 1978 presentation on UFOs. It had enough information and evidence to stir things up for the United Nations and nations around the world. Speigel gives other examples of disclosure including what led up to Project Blue Book. According to Speigel, Project Blue Book was initiated by the air force to investigate UFOs and whether or not they had any implications on national security. Project Blue Book was shut down in 1969 and it was around that time that the UFO chapter was changed and reprinted.

Evidence of disclosure is everywhere.

President Clinton gave a speech in Hong Kong where a member of the audience brought up the question of UFOs. Clinton said that during his presidency he had asked for inquirers on Roswell, New Mexico. He said that presidents don’t always get what they need or ask for. He also suggested that even he is lied to by his underlings who keep secrets. Speigel suggests that this is disclosure.

Evidence stems back so long that they are embedded in our history.

According to Speigel, the Bible, ancient drawings on cave walls as well as some paintings from the medieval and renaissance period have some sort of mention of circular aircrafts, all signs of disclosure.

Nations around the world are now working together to try and figure out the truth behind what’s really going on with UFOs. Militaries in South America have openly showed interest in the subject. France has been open about their UFO investigation committee for a very long time.

Speigel believes all people should be skeptics but open-minded skeptics without room for ridicule.

According to Speigel, “90 percent maybe of UFO reports can be explained by things, ordinary things. I’m not interested in those. I’m interested in that smaller 4 or 5 percent that are never probably explained and it’s hard for debunkers to attack those.”


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