What happens on the Moon stays on the Moon. Well, maybe if our moon wasn’t such a sensitive subject, the world wouldn’t even know about this bizarre apparition.

While the Command Service Module was tailing the “Snoopy” Lunar Module from the Apollo 10 mission, the most fascinating thing happened: a small, speeding UFO passed just below the two crafts. With skeptics ready to debunk any UFO that comes in sight, it feels like no video on the internet is authentic, however, this particular video has its back covered as it represents official NASA archive from the Apollo 10 lunar mission.

The Command Service Module represented one of two space crafts, together with the Lunar Module, used by the US in 1969 to transport astronauts on the surface of the moon. While the two modules were orbiting around our natural satellite, a peculiar guest made its presence noticed, but only for a few moments.

Saucer photographed during the Apollo 10 mission

If it wasn’t for the camera in the back of the Lunar Module, this would had probably gone unnoticed, but fortunately for us, NASA slipped this before someone thought about editing it; or who knows – maybe at that time, the space agency was well intended and acted less like a tool.

As you can see in the following video, a small white dot is passing by the right of the Command Module. It leaves no trace behind and it’s also hard to see its features as the UFO passes at a considerable distance from the lunar expedition convoy.

However, the most important fact is still in sight – the MOON. While some might consider such an object a common sight on Earth, it’s hard to explain why we are seeing this on the lunar surface, and also why does it look like it’s scouting our earthly crafts?

While some people consider the white dot to be only a small piece of lost trash from space, we might want to look at the year when this was captured – 1969. With the technological age at its starting point, the hypothesis of space junk flying by is very unlikely, not to mention that it’s the Moon we’re seeing here.

Could this be an actual UFO, curious about the lunar mission? It might sound strange for some, but such a claim is likely to prove real. Judging by other Apollo missions, this wasn’t the only sighting of its kind. Similar objects were caught spying on other lunar modules, and while some of them were seen in space or near the Moon’s surface, others were witnessed right above the ground, in the vicinity of the landing platform.


With most people ready to accept the truth only if it comes from an official statement, it’s easy for NASA to cover up any incidents of this nature. While the field of rational explanations is as wide as the field of conspiracy, a small gap is left for people to decide on their own, based on personal experience, awareness and other disclosing evidence encountered during their lives.

With the truth up there, it remains our duty to show others what is going on, while also questioning every bit of information we receive. Stay vigilant!

And if you want to download and watch the raw  2 MB video, NASA has it stored on the internet for everyone who is interested. Here is the official link.