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One of the most feared groups of extraterrestrial beings is called the draconian reptilian race. For about 300,000 years, the draco race have allegedly occupied this world. And for centuries, they have had a grip on humanity that has rendered Earth vulnerable.  

Dracos’ Looks And Behavior

The draco reptilian race is thought to originate from the Draco Star constellation. These beings are said to be white in color, 6 to 8 feet tall reptile like creatures with slits in their eyes and heads that resemble snakes. These entities travel from world to world, depleting their energy and resources before moving on to the next. They do this for personal gain as they feed off power and control.

The Origins of The Draco Reptilian Race

Early history describes these entities as malevolent beings that serve to punish and torment the human race. Islamic and biblical beliefs describe a snake resembling a reptilian being that persuades Eve to break her oath to god and eat from the gardens forbidden fruit. Many pictures include reptilian like demons whose purpose is to serve hell fire.

In Sumerian mythology, it’s believed that the Annunaki was an ancient ET race of reptilian like beings that have come to enslave mankind. They have also been depicted in the fictional realms of movies and books for decades as harmful beings meant to be feared. Although the stories all vary, they undeniably have similar foundations of belief. They’re negative beings created to harm humanity. But this is a deceptional belief system that limits and enslaves humanity. The matter of fact is, the human race does not deserve to be punished but are made to believe they do. This is a fear based belief system that allows negative entities to feed off our negative energies.  

What Draco Reptilians Are Like

Draco reptilian beings are warlike beings who are physically and mentally powerful. The Dracos are 4th and 5th density beings. They communicate using their telepathic abilities and are said to manipulate human emotions to evoke fear. They use the human emotional field as energetic source that they feed off of. They do this using trauma to feed of human pain and negativity. Draco reptilian beings are master shapeshifters able to alter our consciousness. This allows them to present themselves in human form.

David Icke, one of the most notable ET researchers claims that these beings came here and mixed their DNA with the human race to aid them in controlling civilization. Icke believes that these hybrid children serve as politicians and monarchs as well as the illuminati who seek to remain in power and dominate the world.

Other researchers, such as David Wilcock, believe that all people have some form of reptilian DNA. According to Wilcock, the Dracos are a major negative group who are obsessed with genetics and controlling other species. They have high regards for themselves, favoring their DNA over all others which essentially makes them a racist form of beings. Wilcock and other renowned researchers such as Corey Goode believe that the Dracos have created reptiloid beings by mixing their genes with other alien species in order to create a subservient race to do their biddings.

Not all reptilian beings are negative but most on Earth are, and they are said to have had a grip on human civilization for a very long time. For the first time in history, their grip is weakening as humanity ascends from 3rd dimensional beings to 4th and 5th dimensional beings. The Dracos have lost themselves to ignorance, power and the material world. As we ascend, these ET entities will no longer be able to hide. The key to our ascension is to let go of false, negative and limiting beliefs.

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