A truck driver unwillingly captured a photograph that made tens of thousands of people think again about the possibility of an afterlife.

The unsettling image was taken by Saul Vasquez and shows emergency services at the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident near Stanton, Kentucky. Vasquez was making his way through the traffic jam created by the accident when he took the picture. But when he examined the picture, he realized his phone had caught an eerily human-looking shape hovering above the group of paramedics, who were attempting to resuscitate the victim at that time.

“I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between Campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat.”

ghost in photo 2

Vasquez shared the photo on social media and among the comments, a common trend became obvious. A large number of people are convinced the photo shows the soul of the victim as it departed his earthly body. The man’s family told People they believed in the afterlife and see the photo as proof:

“I believe in both ghosts and angels,” his daughter said. “It’s very possible it’s one of those. He was very much a family-oriented man. He was probably reaching out to his family one last time.”

ghost photo 1

Others believe that the entity could be a guardian or a spirit that comes to collect. They claim that the victim was still receiving CPR and was only pronounced dead at the hospital.

This image is just one of countless photographic anomalies that have stimulated our imaginations for almost two centuries now.

It wasn’t long after the first cameras were invented that people started taking photographs showing what looked like the spirits of the deceased. In fact, one of the earliest uses of cameras was the attempt to capture the essence of living or formerly living creatures, humans included. People are still fascinated about the concept of photographing spirits on film and the spirits themselves don’t seem to mind.

After Vasquez posted the photo, it quickly went viral and was shared over 14,000 times. It sparked a heated debate between believers and skeptics, once again showing mankind’s need for answers. We are as clueless about what happens to us when we die as we were thousands of years ago and though the future might provide some answers, there’s still a great chance that we never get to find out. That is why photos like this one elicit such quick and ample feedback; they provide solace and diminish one of our greatest fears by a bit.

They also trigger emotions of those in the opposite camp. Skeptics claim the human shape in the photo could be the result of a camera glitch or dirt on the driver side window. Vasquez said that prior to snapping the pic, he had rolled down his window. He also claimed the photo is not doctored.

So, is this photo evidence in favor of the spirit world or are we believing in a myth? Let us know in the comments!