In case you were eager to see an alien invasion in your lifetime, you might want to take a look at this shocking video.

The UFO and alien fever has reached new heights with so much information at hand revealing never-before known facts about space and life in general. It’s easier now than ever for people to understand that we’re not alone in the universe, but although most of us humans accept the idea, we’re still divided in two groups: those who believe that aliens had already made contact with us, and those who think they are out there, but out of reach between a vast space measuring millions of light years.

In case you’re part of the first category, your interest and excitement when it comes to an alien invasion in the near future is undeniable, and as a matter of fact, they may have already appeared to us. This claim is not without proof, as a man has already recorded a presumed alien invasion, but on a local scale. Even so, the sighting is extremely puzzling and raises tons of question marks.

It all starts with a radiant orange ball of light. Some would say there’s nothing unusual so far, but as the UFO descends, it breaks in midair and releases a handful of bright orbs. Five peculiar dots on the sky aligned in a bizarre formation are now hovering over this small US community. They stop falling in midair, hinting at an intrusive alien invasion. The witnesses are in shock, especially the man who’s filming this alleged apocalyptic scenario. On the background you can even hear a girl screaming, accompanied by other various noises.

The orb from the middle suddenly vanishes, and the others keep changing their color from pale white to orange. At this point, a second orb makes a dip in brightness and two more light up near it. They remain still for a brief moment, further shocking the mesmerized cameraman, then the orbs slowly fade away, leaving behind only three UFOs which start to perform a bizarre ritual. Near the end of the video, the orbs become brighter and then disappear without a trace.

Could this be indeed some kind of alien invasion? Is this video proof of UFO activity on Earth, or does it rather have a more rational explanation? Let’s explore the possibilities and find out:

A heated debate has started on Reddit regarding the origins of this sighting, with the most upvoted theory being a group of skydivers descending with their flares lit up. But does this really explain what we see in this capture? Would a group of divers jump off a plane holding all flares together, then break in a symmetrical formation, change the color of their lights and freeze midair?

Such a scenario would only be possible, in my acceptance, if they would deliberately intend to fake an alien landing. But why would a group of professionals engage in such a troubling, unprofitable operation?

Indeed, the trail left behind by a plane is clearly visible in the first frames of the video, but that’s far from explaining anything, and besides, other lights emerging as the scene unwinds further hints at otherworldly visitors. Could this really be the case?

On the other side of the fence, this theory is gaining ground since the behavior seen in the images is not foreign to the UFO community. The traits of the bright UFOs are in fact common characteristics encountered in orb-UFOs. They are renowned for performing brisk maneuvers, dips in brightness, changing colors and even morphing and multiplying.

Orb UFOs are believed to monitor the activity of our earthly communities, despite their size or location. They are frequently seen during the night as they ‘play’ above secluded villages and even crowded cities.

Doctor Ruehl has investigated numerous such sightings and reached the conclusion that they could be ageless plasmatic entities that travel between dimensions. Whenever they enter our realm they tend to generate a circular energy shield around them, making them look like bright spheres, an appearance that can easily be interpreted by any skeptic in its own desired way.

However, decades-old reports and numerous videos of these orb UFOs undeniably reveal their otherworldly nature. In my acceptance, the military and our world governments are mostly aware of these UFOs, but are unable to interact with them because of their tremendously advanced capabilities.

If an alien invasion would be a positive thing remains another topic of discussion, with an interesting point of view being presented in this comment from worldstar:

The so called white man hasn’t been able to peacefully coexist with any dark indigenous nation he ever came into contact with on this planet. Every nation came to him with a peaceful hand and he came at them with a sword and these nations belong to the same genetic human race and species as him… you think it’s going to be a peaceful encounter if so called extraterrestrials come here? This devil would send missiles at their spaceship before they even land and try to put them in captivity before they even speak.”

With this rapid shift in technology we can at least hope that one day we’ll be able to reach out to these incredible beings. Until then, it’s best that we study as many cases involving them as possible. A unique example is presented in this article speaking of a very close encounter with these peculiar orbs.

The UFO phenomenon is real, but humanity needs more time to expand consciousness and technology to finally be prepared to interact with them. Share your thoughts and experiences with us, and let us add another piece to the puzzle of UFOlogy.

Photo Credit/ TheArtofSaul