Politicians often use history to serve their own means. The Iraqi transport minister goes even further and uses forbidden history and unaccepted views about mankind’s past to justify his claims.

It looks like Iraq’s transport minister Kazem Finjan has gone over his ancient alien reading list. He brought into discussion the topics first opened by a well-known and controversial author, stating that he is certain the world’s first airport was built within the borders of modern-day Iraq. More specifically, the airfield would have been located in southern Iraq’s Dhi Qar region.

“If you do not believe me, read the book of the great historian Zecharia Sitchin, who was an expert in Sumerian studies,” Finjan told several Iraqi TV channels earlier this month.


In 1976, Zecharia Sitchin published The 12th Planet, introducing the world to the Anunnaki mythos. Sitchin wrote that some 450,000 years ago, the Anunnaki landed on Earth in search of mono-atomic gold and lacking the workforce needed to mine it. They established bases throughout Mesopotamia, subdued nature and created man through genetic manipulation, splicing their own DNA into that of early hominids.

A self-taught Sumerian expert, Sitchin is perhaps the most influential author in the Forbidden History department. Rejected by mainstream science, his ideas have sprouted in the fecund minds of the many millions willing to accept the other scenario. It just seems oddly satisfying that one of them is holding the reigns of Iraq’s Department of Transportation equivalent.

“This is the safest place for airplanes to land and take off because some meteorological factors that limit an airplane’s maneuvering ability do not exist in the Dhi Qar airport,” Finjan told media.”

The atmosphere throughout Dhi Qar is positive….When the Sumerians settled here, they knew full well that the atmosphere here was suitable for flying to outer space. It was from here that the Sumerian spaceships took off towards the other planets.”

Dhi Qar was the heartland of ancient Sumer, the first civilization in the world. It is a region of great importance for all faiths that have inhabited it, as the Bible mentions the city of Ur (in Sumer) as the birthplace of the patriarch Abraham.

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Like Sitchin, Finjan is convinced mankind’s cradle was built and rocked by advanced extraterrestrials in the distant past. Direct evidence of this relationship is hard to come by these days but ancient texts and relics can shed light on this delicate subject. Artifacts like the Sumerian King List hint at an alien hegemony. Their advanced astronomical knowledge and understanding should tip us off to the influence of teachers who originated elsewhere in the universe.