There’s a lot of crazy underground technology out there. What we are aware of and see is but only a small fraction or small percentage of the vast technological innovation that exists in our world, and in world’s beyond. Alien technology far exceeds our technology. Government technology too. They are far more advanced than we can imagine and now rumor has it that there’s a machine, a device, a technology that can bring people back from the dead. It’s known as the ‘dyson sphere’

Alexey Turchin, a Russian “life extensionist” experienced the loss of his childhood friend when he was young. Ever since then Alex has dedicated himself to figuring out how bestow on humans like Greek gods are made immortal in order for them not have had their lives taken away from them prematurely.

Alex’s story begins with him being very close friends with another boy named Sergey but one day tragedy struck which caused both boys’ worlds turn upside down forever as result it left indelible impressions onto who they became today.

And the latest iteration of the transhumanist’s “roadmap to immortality,” involves a veritable sci-fi blend of superintelligent AI and Dyson spheres—the hypothetical megastructures that completely encompass stars.

In a shocking paper published recently, Turchin and fellow transhumanist Maxim Chernyakov outlined several future paths toward immortality in the wake of death. The two outline how people might not only defy their own mortality but more fantastically come back from it with ideas that range anywhere between futuristic sci-fi to simple mythology or religious scripture!

“Death seems to be a permanent event, but there is no actual proof of its irreversibility,” the authors write. And “while no method is currently possible, many…may become feasible with future technological development.”

The Dyson spheres—shell-shaped solar panels encompassing stars, absorbing their energy. The authors say that this could be a way to meet the power demands required for AI without breaking our backs or those green battery banks at Tesla’s factory line (which we all know isn’t going so well).

How would humanity build a fleet of solar-powered ships to explore the universe? It’s an idea that has been much talked about in recent years, but remains just that – an idea. However with superintelligent AI on its way and capable.

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