An unusual sighting has recently stirred up the entire UFO community who was on the lookout for more evidence of UFO activity on our planet. As a result, they stumbled upon one of the most interesting catches in recent months.

The moment a man takes his drone for a flight is market by a brisk event that almost ended up tragically…for his drone and budget. Concentrating on filming the nearby heavy storm clouds, Skwty Photography of YouTube accidentally surprises the very moment when a speeding UFO dashes next to his flying device, nearly impacting it.

The sighting is spectacular for various reasons:

  1. The speed at which it travels is beyond that of any flying device this size designed by our human intelligence. It can only be compared to a projectile, but as you are about to see, there is more than one such appearance.
  2. The first hasty UFO darts from the ground, almost like being launched by something. It’s not aimed at the drone, but a second object passes by in close proximity.
  3. The second UFO sprints from the nearby cloud and barely misses the drone, a behavior similar to that of an otherworldly device that would scan an intruder trespassing its flying perimeter.

[iframe id=”” mode=”normal”]

Theories suggest a possible baseball ball thrown off the pitch, or even a sneaky golf ball from a nearby field. After all, what would be better than downing drones in your spare time using only a golf club and your aiming skills?

Others have suggested that it could be a consistent chunk of hail coming from the storm clouds found in the vicinity. This would explain the brightness, size and color but not the fact that first UFO originates from the ground, and the same goes for the chance of it being a meteorite.

So what are these mysterious UFOs? Missiles? Rocketing ice? Or something more out of this world?

To better identify the phenomenon, we’ll have to set the dust off the archives and see if similar sightings had ever been recorded. First reminder comes from a reddit user who recalls witnessing a comparable event.

“ a few years ago I was standing by the ocean in Newfoundland on a normal bright sunny day and I thought I saw something like this shoot out of the water. It was maybe a few inches long like this, white and just flew so fast I couldn’t track it,” Greg Hortall wrote on reddit.

I remember my first thought was that it was a flying fish – but then it kept going in the direction of the sky at an impossible speed. It happened so quickly that I thought I was seeing things. My thought later was maybe there’s some kind of a living thing that is so small and moves so quickly, humanity hasn’t “discovered” it yet. Problem with that is, where are the remains when it dies. If it is of alien origin, you’d have to think it would be a good way to survey a planet – send out a few dozen of these tiny things to whip around and measure/capture/photograph everything, and the locals would have no idea.

And speaking of hidden things, these intriguing little buzzers were captured on film a few years ago. At that time however, they came out of a larger sphere dubbed the ‘orb UFO’. Mr. Crow of YouTube suggested they could be super-intelligent robots that monitor human activity on planet Earth, or even AI morphing devices, but further proof of their existence lacked in the period that followed.

Could these two cases be related? Are these bright projectiles coming from orb UFOs? Are we being monitored by an advanced species of extraterrestrials that’s far beyond our level of understanding?