The recent appearance of an enormous UFO mothership hiding among the clouds over Cartagena, Colombia has left residents dumbfounded and reaching for their phones.

It’s become quite obvious that the number of similar sightings is increasing, but no one knows why. Despite the similarities these encounters share, it is unclear whether they involve the same craft or an entire fleet dispatched to various areas around the globe.

On the afternoon of June 30, thousands of people witnessed this strange apparition in the skies over the Colombian city of Cartagena. The event apparently lasted for some time and social media was awash with photos and videos taken by the perplexed spectators. The video below was filmed by David Ramos Martínez and it’s already making waves in the sighting community.

[youtube id=”WXRr6k1F-iA” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

As you can see, the oddly-shaped cloud formation is massive in size, with a diameter of several miles. While some believe this to be a natural formation, others have pointed out that the cloud appears to be concealing an equally-large disc-shaped craft. If this is the case, the cloud itself must be artificial in origin and serves the purpose of an atmospheric smokescreen. This scenario opens up a number of disconcerting possibilities regarding the intentions of those who produced the ‘cloud’ and operated the mothership behind it.

UFO mothership cloud cartagena colombia

What would an operation of this size serve? Large scale surveillance? Scaremongering? Preparations for something even bigger?

The behavior of the object is not enough to provide an answer to these questions but it shares similar characteristics with the other reports. It exhibits an iridescent glow that could be the result of its propulsion systems keeping the gigantic UFO afloat. A comparable incident took place in Costa Rica on September 15, 2015, just as the country was celebrating Independence Day.

Hundreds of thousands of Costa Ricans watched the sky in awe as this unusual phenomenon manifested itself out of thin air. The strange cloud was seen in many cities, including San Jose, Parrita, Hatillo, Pavas and Escazu. Multiple witnesses became convinced this was a sign from God, foretelling the ‘end of times.’

[youtube id=”jAcAMfwBRZY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

It seems these strange sightings have a tendency to occur in the skies over South America, where local conspiracy theorists are convinced they’re the result of HAARP weather manipulation. But perhaps the answer to these incidents lies elsewhere, halfway across the globe.

On June 24, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) began performing the AWAKE experiment.

“AWAKE is the world’s first proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment. Besides demonstrating how protons can be used to generate wakefields, AWAKE will also develop the necessary technologies for long-term, proton-driven plasma acceleration projects.”

At the exact same time this experiment began, a huge “ball of energy” appeared in the clouds over Geneva, directly above the underground LHC facility. Related or not, this is a strange incident.

LHC strange cloud

Photo credit Dean Gill / Freedom Fighter Times

Not convinced there’s a connection? The Large Hadron Collider is home to another experiment, and this one is right up the alley of mothership-UFO-masquerading-as-cloud technology. Called the Cosmic Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD!) experiment, this venture’s main purpose is to “study the possible link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation.”

Are the experiments at CERN/LHC creating these monstrous clouds or even worse – attracting extraterrestrial attention? There might not be any link between the operations in Europe and the mothership-hiding clouds over South America, but that doesn’t affect the reality of this unexplained presence.