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“Arcturus is the highest Civilization in our galaxy,” –Edgar Cayce

The word Arcturus is Greek for “Bear Keeper” or “Guardian of the Bear”. The Great Bear belongs to the Ursa Major Constellation.

37 light years from earth, the Arcturians have come to assist earth with its evolutionary process.

Many prominent people have claimed to have made contact with these extra-terrestrial beings at one time or another including mystic clairvoyant Edgar Cayce who was once given the name “The Sleeping Prophet”.

Who are the Arcturians?

The Arcturians are described as having greenish-blueish skin with large almond-shaped eyes and 3 fingers. They are short and slender, have the ability to move things with their mind and communicate telepathically.

Because of their ethereal bodies, they do not eat food like humans do. They drink an effervescent elixir that is nourishing to their entire being. They only sleep once a week and their rest time is considered very sacred. They use their sleep to connect to higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

Arcturians live 350-400 years and do not die of old age. For old age and disease have been eradicated a long time a go for these entities. Instead, they leave their world once their spiritual contract has been completed.

What Kind of abilities do they have?

Arcturians don’t need their physical eyes to see. Rather, they see telepathically. They are telekinetic by nature and communicate with their minds.

These entities ingest information much faster than human beings. They take in information telepathically and at a rate 100 times faster than people.

During their own evolution, they’ve come to master the “Self”. One fundamental aspects of their being is “Love”. Love is the ingredient needed to live in 5th density according to the Arcturians.

These entities have since overcome the lower fear-based self. They are masters of their bodies, emotions, thoughts and creation.

What is their Planet System Like?

Temperatures on their planet is stable with no extreme weather. They live in a civilization of oneness. And live according to their vibrational frequency and aura colors. There is no ego and no competition on their planet. There is no mental or physical illness.

What is their Star Ship Like?
Their craft functions with crystals. They are said to have a star-ship called “Athena” that travels around the earth. These entities can manifest physically if need be but rather exist in the ethereal state.

They have bases all around the earth, usually inside mountains. They have bases on the moon and around the universe.

Why are They Here?
Arcturians are here to help raise the vibrational frequency of Earth to accommodate the 4th and 5th density.

This is a challenging time for earth since many negative influences have had a hold on the planet. These negative influences need to be eradicated which is part of the ascension process.

Edgar Cayce on Arcturus 

Edgar Cayce believed these beings are the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness. He called them the prototype of our future.

They, as a civilization, have once gone through the evolutionary process humanity is at the cusp of going through now.

According to Cayce, Arcturus is a gate way between life and death. It is a station that non-physical light consciousness passes through in order to become more accustomed to the physical dimension.

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