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Bob Lazar is a scientist and physicist who claims to have worked at Area S4, which is 15 miles south of Area 51 between 1988 and 1989.

According to Lazar, his job, was to reverse engineer and try to duplicate materials used to create the UFO spacecraft he was working on. The job was extremely classified and secretive.

Working at Area S4
Lazar claims Area 51 is a large test site broken up into sub test areas. His Lab was at test Area S4. It was there that he realized what he was working on, “Technology that doesn’t even exist.”

According to Lazar, his realization came after a small reactor, spherical in shape, sitting on a metal plate seemed to have its own gravitational field. It was intriguing to Lazar because this object, that produced its own gravitational field, was behaving in a way never seen before. At least not in our world of science.

Lazar claimed when he tried to touch the sphere, it would repel his hand. It acted similar to a magnet.

Other teams at S4 were working on significantly different looking extraterrestrial spacecrafts. The work was so secretive that members of different teams were not allowed to interact with each other or share information.

Lazar had been working at the site for about 6 months. What started off as an exciting experience of discovery soon turned into fear and dread.

Lazar noticed that he was being followed and that the air force had been investigating his personal life. This came when it was discovered that Lazars wife had been having an affair.

The air force feared this may cause mental instability that could lead to Lazar spilling of information. In his 20’s at the time, Lazar became fearful. He  told a group of his friends about his work, showed them evidence and then, eventually, came out to the public.

Lazar’s Claims Come to Light

Many had tried to discredit Lazars story. The media and debunkers turned Lazar into an untrustworthy dilutional conspiracy theorist. Which is commonly said about people who have encountered UFOs and Extraterrestrial life.

Hand Reader Measures Bones
According to Lazar, there existed a hand scanner at Area S4. The Hand scanner would measure bones.

“It’s a small plate with these pins on it that you could put between your fingers. There’s a bright light above it.”

In 1989, he said, “The interesting thing is, when you walk into the facility, or even to leave, they have a hand reader. I was told that it has to do something where it measures– The bright light measures the bones in your finger. They’re unique to each person.”

At the time, there was no evidence of such a thing.

It wasn’t until decades later that Jeremy Corbell finds information on the scanner.

According to Corbell, “There was indeed this Hand scanner that was used in these secret programs, and they just admitted or announced it publicly, and there were some photos.”

This discovery came after an article was published at the Nellis Range who were talking about the stealth program.

Hand Reader, Area S4

Element 115

Bob Lazar told the world of technologies that didn’t exist, at least not in our world of science. It wasn’t until over a decade later, 2004, that element 115 was documented and added to the periodic table.

During a 1993 conference, Bob Lazar claimed the government was in possession of 9 alien space crafts. The craft he was working on operated on element 115 and according to Lazar, it was part of the crafts propulsion system.

“They knew there was a fuel source in it and they were proficient at making it work.” Referring to the craft.

The fuel source contained a very heavy element called element 115 which wasn’t on the periodic table at the time.

Element 115 was the fuel,” said Lazar on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Sweden, Lund University and Element 115

On August 27, 2013, in Sweden’s Lund University, researchers were able to confirm the existence of element 115.

They claimed that the element was created by nuclear fusion. The radioactive component remained unknown but it revealed to have commonalities with plutonium that are used in rocket fuels.

UCLA’s Discovery of Strong and Lightweight Metal

In December 23, 2015, UCLA researchers claimed to have created a strong and light-weight metal. The metal was described as flexible and resistant to extremely high temperatures. It was made with magnesium infused with silicon carbide nanoparticles.

Researchers claim that this can be used for airplanes, cars and more. Could this also be used for spacecrafts?

The Roswell Crash

The description of this metal holds commonalities with the metal found in Roswell’s 1947 crash. Jesse Marcel, found and handled debris from the crash site. He was an intelligence officer at Roswell Army Air Field at the time.

Marcel claimed the material found after the crash, was very unusual and its properties was “not of this earth”.

The material found at the crash site was bendy, very strong, very light-weight metal. Similar to the metal Lazar spoke about.

At Fort Worth Army Air Field, Major Jesse A. Marcel (looking left) of Houma, LA – holding foil debris from Roswell, New Mexico, UFO incident, 07/08/1947
Watch Video Here. The Joe Rogan Experience. Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell

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