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UFOs of various shapes have been caught on camera in different countries. The shapes seem to have evolved with time, and in the last decade one of the most intriguing sightings are the floating pyramid shaped UFOs.

Powers of The Pyramid

The shape of the pyramid has always been covered in mystery. From the wonders of the Period of Giza to scientific experiments showing pyramid shaped objects prolonging life, the shape of the pyramid or a tetrahedron holds sacred geometry powers that may be used in spacecraft by being from other planets or worlds. In sacred geometry, a tetrahedron is one of five platonic solids, or shapes that make up the world.

Tetrahedron represents the element of fire and the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. Just as the chakra is associated with personal power and is the center that unites the physical and the spiritual, the same happens in the shape of a pyramid. It is a balanced and stable, powerful shape —perfect for spacecraft.

Pyramid-Shaped UFOs On Camera

Pyramid-shaped UFOs sightings are one of the most unusual ones because they do not fly like regular craft. Most are found floating in space, sometimes spinning, before making a portal for themselves in the sky to disappear into.

Here are five of the best pyramid-shaped UFOs caught on tape that have been found around the world.

Floating Above Costa Rica

In Costa Rica in 2016, a large pyramid-shaped craft was seen in the sky with s smaller craft flying around it in circles.

One of the comments on the video says that someone else seen the same exact shaped UFO in Harford County, Maryland, U.S.A. in 2013.

UFO Craft Opening A Portal In Russia

This glowing space craft spooked residents of Stavropolsky kray, Russia when after floating above houses it opened up a green portal above itself and disappeared into it.

This footage was broadcasted on local and national television.

Glowing UFO Above Amsterdam

Glowing triangular UFO was caught on camera near Amsterdam over Wormeveer, Netherlands. What was first thought as a kite, looked like it was made of metal, and suddenly took off flying lighting fast.

A person in the comments say they saw something similar in 2002.

Pyramid Floating Above Newark, New Jersey

In 2015, New Jersey had a sighting of a pyramid-shaped UFO above an ordinary strip mall.


Pyramid-Shaped UFO In The Night Skies of Turkey

Without much further information, there is a footage of a pyramid-shaped UFO with lights floating in Turkey at night.

Yet another person in the comments say that they have seen the same exact craft.

Have you seen pyramid-shaped craft?

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