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A popular Brazilian philanthropist and psychic medium Chico Xavier could see and talk with spirits and multidimensional beings from whom he received future predictions. One of which was—contact with aliens must happen by July 2019. The consequences that can prevent it from happening, he told as well. 

Chico Xavier, The Medium

Chico lived from 1910 to 2002, and in his 92 years he wrote almost 500 books, and was known for his psychographic abilities. 

Psychography is the ability of channeling information into written form or simply writing down predictions without using a conscious mind. 

Using this spiritual technique, Chico once wrote down information that helped an innocent man get out of jail. 

Chico earned a lot of respect and trust from people because he never charged for his services; whenever he used his gifts, he did so for free to help others.

Channeled Information

Chico used psychography to gather information on many topics and to make predictions.

Among some of his most known pieces of information are:

  • Jesus is a member of an intergalactic council that helps take care of Earth. When he came down here, it was to help us by teaching humans about love and kindness.
  • Aliens will come and help us develop Earth if we survive until July, 2019. 
  • He wrote 56 poems that dead poets wanted to write while still alive. 
  • He predicted that he would die on a day of celebration, and he did, on the day Brazilian football team won its fifth World Cup. 

Contact with Aliens, WWIII, and The Last 50 Years

According to Chico’s psychography (as said in a 1971 interview), the intergalactic council decided to give humanity one last chance to save our plant and find peace on Earth.

The deadline for this agreement was pit in place exactly 50 years. And it is now.

If humans were to start a nuclear war during this time, we would fail the test, and Earth itself would create natural disasters to finish us off. 

July 20, 1969’s Moon Landing

The day of the agreement between the intergalactic council members was on July 20, 1969. It is the date of Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon. 

This showed some potential for humankind, yet those attending the council meeting were concerned about people harming the planet, and nuclear question created a lot of concern, along with other weapons on Earth. 

“If humankind chooses the worst option – to start a nuclear war, the one who will put an end to it will be Earth itself, exhausted by human excesses, of human exploitation of natural resources and the punishment of nature. The Earth itself will respond with devastating earthquakes and volcanoes, leading to unimaginable effects, especially for the northern hemisphere of the planet. Which in this case will become uninhabitable.”

“If we don’t go into a self-destructive war in the next 50 years, then we can expect phenomenal achievements of human science, starting from the Moon.”

July 2019 Is The Deadline?

Since the agreement happened in July, 1969, it makes July 2019 the deadline, which he called “the final hour.” 

If humanity was to find peace in the last 50 years, people would all rise to a new higher level of consciousness. There would (eventually) no longer be war, disease, or suffering. 

Humanity would live as one and be ready to meet our other intergalactic brothers and sisters. 

Chico’s prediction may be understood in the way that since nuclear war did not happen, we have made it. Is real contact with aliens next?  Chico thought so.

Perhaps something incredible will happen by the end of this month. 

Watch a one hour documentary of his predictions with English subtitles: 

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