With an increased number of reports involving these peculiar bright orbs, it might be possible that something really significant is about to happen. Captured on film on November 12, 2015 by an aware dad from Conroe, Texas, the band consisting of five bright orbs made its appearance in the vicinity of a populated area.

Their intentions are yet to be discovered, but the peculiar orbs appear in different locations across the globe, and also their numbers seem to increase. After analyzing more orb cases, we came to the conclusion that these devices, or whatever they are, come in increased numbers based on the area where they appear. When seen over small cities or low populated area, the bright UFOs are no more than two or three. On the other hand, when they show up over dense populated areas, their numbers drastically increase.

The following video shows how a small fleet of five orbs is pulsating and dancing over Conroe, Texas. The bright devices have distinctive feature, similar if not identical to the other reported cases. It seems that their plan is advancing as they showed up over an area inhabited by over 60, 000 people.

We cannot explain with certainty what this things are, but our analysis is leading us closer to the truth every day. Because Conroe is only 40 miles away from Houston, the hypothesis of these orbs being designed by military or space agencies is starting to take shape.


The strange pulsating light as well as their ability to perform law-defying maneuvers indicates that we could be talking about an intelligent design, possibly artificial intelligence or advance earthly technology. It’s also unclear if these UFOs are trying to help us in a way or they have other plans for us.

Since aerial surveillance technology is showing every flying device on radar, we find it hard to believe that our governments don’t know anything about it. Could it be that because of their small to medium size, combined with an intelligent design and an advanced stealth system, our earthly devices are unable to see them? Or is it that the military has something in store for the unaware civilians?