Former Argentinian Navy SEALs have recently come out of the shadows to disclose not only the gruesome details of the 1982 Falklands war, but also how extraterrestrial forces and aircraft were actively changing the outcome of the battle.

Part 1 here.

Martino describes the British logistic superiority and how the Argentinian artillery completely missed their bombers or fighter planes, but could also clearly see them going down or moving awkwardly.

When we saw a plane flying backwards, Pero and I knew something paranormal was happening because their jets weren’t that good. Then we told the others to stop shooting for preserving ammo.

We didn’t want them to think we were crazy, but they immediately complied, that makes me think they saw it as well but never said anything. Then, you guessed. After we stopped shooting, their planes were still falling.”


No one took the English losses too seriously because the Argentinian death and wounded toll was far greater, but Gennaro is convinced alien forces were either trying to stop the conflict, or at least balance it out. The third friend and colleague, by the name of Ezequiel Orozco, was located a few hundred meters from them, around a corner made out or rocky terrain.

The two decided to go check if he saw something out of the ordinary, because he was facing in another direction.

When I asked him, he looked at Pero, who was very close to him and said ‘Brother, you know me. There’s something else here. I am doubtful anyone will win.’ He was afraid we won’t believe him. But we all calmed down a little after agreeing, and thought we would be shot on site if we left, anyway.”

They got back to their position and started returning fire again, but after a while were the only one standing in that area. It made no sense, at least for them personally, to shoot anymore because they knew they wouldn’t do any damage at all and only give away their exact location.

“So we just sat there for the whole night and watched the raging sky. Just before the day’s fighting was over, they briefly saw what could only have been the mother ship. As their (the British) planes were landing on the decks, a thing, like the ones in movies, appeared only it had no form.


We saw it for maybe less than 2 seconds, but we knew it didn’t go anywhere and it was there the whole time. After we couldn’t see it anymore, a chopper and a plane trying to land just fell in the ocean like flies.”

That was when it got too scary. They first went to Orozco, who was terrified by that point, after seeing what he described as flying saucers smaller than normal cars, and made up their mind to leave immediately no matter what.

His story in the magazine continues, but he says he hasn’t witnessed anything similar ever since, and was even somewhat annoyed by the fact that people expected him to come into contact again with the aliens during his lifetime, saying: “Why should I be chosen for anything? I just saw something people fear, nothing more.”

So, do you buy his story?