Former Argentinian Navy SEALs have recently come out of the shadows to disclose not only the gruesome details of the 1982 Falklands war, but also how extraterrestrial forces and aircraft were actively changing the outcome of the battle.

UFOs have a history of visiting conflict zones, but we’ve always suspected they do more than just peacefully observe the battlefield. You’ve probably read an earlier article on our page about former high ranking Russian officials disclosing the fact that they simulated a war every time they wanted to summon a UFO.

We found this story very interesting (more credible than today’s photoshopped pics or forged videos) so we decided to look for other former officials(from anywhere) involved in such mysterious encounters.

That’s how we found out about Gennaro Martino, a former Navy SEAL who was dispatched in the short conflict between Argentina and Great Britain in 1982. He’s 65 now (27 back then) and mysteriously ill with an unknown disease. His relatives believe he’s been somehow poisoned by the secret services because of his knowledge.


Martino during the Falklands War

As he says, at his age he’s not afraid anymore, so when two of his brothers in arms recently died of different unknown flash diseases, he decided to speak about what he witnessed on the largely unpopulated island during the English siege, before his sickness silences him forever.

Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the time and space for his whole story, because he remembers everything to the smallest detail, from the point where his team boarded the ship to when he was back into the safety of his home bed.

He told this story to a provincial Argentinian magazine, which, of course, only comes out in print. He begins his story with a sort of disclaimer:

You have to understand the complex, complicated situation of our country, our people, even more in that time. We are a patriotic people, and I always thought the government used that against us. We knew we were slaughter lambs, they wanted to get back public support by conquering the island that had no value whatsoever, but the patriotic one.

But we also knew if we didn’t, the people would consider us the traitors and them the good guys. It was a moral hell.”


Next he tells how they got to the island (which was officially in Great Britain’s possession) and occupied it without any resistance, then waited, he uses the same words, like slaughter lambs, for the British to come and smoke them out. When they did, it was absolute chaos and carnage.

There was so much fire from the English that the other Argentinians didn’t notice the ships (UFOs ) or did but thought they were hallucinating cause of the fear, but we both saw them, me and Pero. There were many models,” he remembers, referring to his mate Pedro “Pero” Escalante who recently perished out of unknown causes. “ We were all firing cannon like crazy, but we almost never hit anything, yet when I got home and heard the English death toll, I knew what we’ve seen was real,” he added.

To be continued.