The Apollo 15 mission is considered the most successful manned lunar operation ever achieved. Even if NASA considers this because of the big amount of material collected from the Moon’s surface, it’s possible that other unknown reasons exist as well.

Apollo 15 was the fourth mission to deploy astronauts on the Moon. It began in 1971 and had commander David Scott and astronaut James Irwin stay on the Moon for three days. During this time, the crew explored the lunar surface using the first lunar rover, which helped them cover distances like never before.

They returned to Earth with 77 kilograms of lunar surface material and an entire collection of photos showing breathtaking sightings seen from the natural satellite. Among these pictures, an even more interesting sighting has been discovered – a presumed alien craft spying on the astronauts.


Even though this isn’t the only evidence of alien activity near the Apollo missions, it sure adds up to the overall mystery and reveals yet another UFO spying from nearby. The picture also shows a more distinguishable type of UFO, probably because the distance between it and the astronauts isn’t so big. It appears to have bent wings and is different from the classic disk-like UFO apparitions.

With so many UFOs caught on camera while near the lunar missions, it might be possible that the Moon is home to at least one secret alien base. If the crafts are designed by humans or by extraterrestrial beings, we can only guess, but one thing is clear – the UFO phenomenon is real and it’s amplifying, and with new evidence still emerging from past events, we can only make others aware of what is happening.

So once again: Why is NASA considering the Apollo 15 mission the most successful one yet? Is it because of the big amount of lunar rocks recovered or is there another cloaked reason possibly involving ET contact or secret lunar bases?

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