Or at least it proves astronauts have already visited the planet!

A footprint discovered on Mars is incredible news and I can’t believe the controversial image is hosted on an official NASA server for everyone to see. (Image HERE)

What makes this image special is the fact that the print bears an uncanny resemblance to the footprints left behind by the astronauts on the Moon. One cannot simply ignore the similarity between the images.

The official explanation is given in a NASA caption stating that “soil disturbed by the left front wheel of the Spirit rover evokes impressions of the first footprint on Mars.”

The first footprint on Mars. They said it themselves.

You might known the Spirit rover and its tracks from an image that you love sharing in the comment section whenever someone mentions Mars. This one:

You think this was accidental?


As you can see from the image, the tracks left behind by the Spirit rover look nothing like the footprint we’re talking about. Unlike the markings left behind by a grooved wheel, this footprint is irregular in terms of where pressure was applied: the tip and the heel. The same can be said about the moon footprint, which leads us to believe both were the result of a human wearing space boots.

footprint discovered on mars

Has reason been given the boot or does this look like anything else?


The crazy image has already caused the jaws of a lot of people to drop and you can’t blame them because it’s hard to dismiss the fact that they really do look like the imprint an astronaut’s boot would leave in the fine dust covering the surface of the so-called red planet. Because, you know, this is what Mars really looks like:

mars true color

Mars has been historically known as the red planet because of its association with war—and by extension, blood. One of the earliest recorded names given to Mars was Har decher, meaning “Red One” in Egyptian. To the naked eye, Mars appears red but the truth is NASA has been altering the color of images sent back by its rovers to hide the fact that Mars has a blue sky, not the hazy grey you’ve been seeing.

If they’re tampering with such important details, one naturally has to wonder about what other aspects have been doctored.

In this context, and considering the much-speculated NASA secret programs, this image could become palpable proof that humans have already been to Mars. This hypothesis is corroborated by the admissions of more than a few whistleblowers, some of whom even claimed to have participated in the top-secret missions to our planetary neighbor.

So is it unreasonable of us when we ask What the Hell is going on on Mars?