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This piece of footage shows how much we don’t know about the things going on above us.

A strange and at the same time unique sighting was captured on camera using night vision googles and an IR filer in 2008 over Fremont, CA. In the first twenty seconds the camera is pointed towards a common aircraft crossing the sky, but after that time, a strange flying object appears in sight.

The UFO is different from any conventional object one would pick in the sky, it has a strange triangular shape and flying in stealth. The craft uses covert lighting to hide its presence while flying at a high altitude at very high speed.

Another peculiar feature is its triangular shape with five lights revealing either the engines or a distinct flying formation of more crafts. By comparing the light coming from the conventional plane seen before 20 seconds into the footage, we notice a considerable dip in luminosity and a clear difference between the stealth lights used by the UFO and those of the plane.

This type of covert lighting is used by the military, but considering that it was filmed in 2008, the technology was fairly new, decreasing the chances of a military jet being equipped with such efficient lights.

At some point in the video, the light formation slightly changes its position, fact indicating that this sighting might be in fact a squadron of 5 UFOs flying at high altitude. Even though they seem to maintain the same aligned triangular formation, a small anomaly in shape is noticed as they cross the night sky (notice at 0:35 and 0:40 seconds). Could the video reveal more UFOs aligned in a perfect flight formation?

Other hypothesis point towards a hang glider flying at night which is really unlikely since a glider would carry FAA anti-collision lights which periodically blink and besides that, it’s against the law to fly a hang glider at night over a populated area.

Because the case remaines unsolved until this preset day, we had a closer look at UFO sightings recorded during this time and found a bizarre liking between this UFO and other appearances. Many unidentified flying or floating objects have the same triangular shape with the same light formation.

Most of the studied triangular UFOs are seen in space, near the Apollo missions or the ISS. Some of them have three lights instead of five, fact which consolidates the hypothesis of a UFO formation or squadron. Should we look towards the military engaging in secret missions, or is this particular UFO somehow related to the sightings from space who are unlikely to be of human origin?