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Since the beginning of time, planet earth has been housing different  intelligent life forms. For much of that time, the human race hasn’t been aware of their existence on earth.

Many of these beings have once again returned to assist man in the evolutionary process. These beings know the history of earth and are aware of it’s past evolutionary process.

Who are the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are one of many benevolent extra-terrestrials on earth. They originate from the Pleiades star cluster. They are multidimensional beings stemming from the 5th dimensional frequency which is a frequency of love and creativity.

These beings  realize the goddess within themselves which is why they worship family, women, children and friendships. They see the value in human life. They see the connection we have to each other on a collective consciousness.

There are many stories about the Pleiadians and their involvement on earth. It is said that they prefer the wilderness rather than civilization as it is today. They are extremely intuitive, highly intelligent and are very effective in helping us understand the most complex concepts which is essential in our evolutionary process.

The Pleiadians do not refer to themselves as male or female as they prefer neither. But they acknowledge the feminine power regardless of sex. This is where their strong sense of nurturing stems from.

What Do They Look Like?

The Pleiadians are a humanoid race that resemble Nordic beings and are considered a cousin to humans on earth according to UFO researchers such as Michael Salla Ph.D.

The life span of a Pleiadian is around 700 hundred years and they live 500 light years from earth. They believe that earth is around 626 billion years old.

Why are the Pleiadians Here?

They themselves are going through their own evolutionary process. They are spiritually and emotionally more evolved than the human race.

The Pleiadians came to earth with a mission to assist and aid man-kind in the evolutionary process. They assist as man shifts from 3rd state of consciousness to 4th and 5th state of consciousness.

Their belief is that this world is going through a transformation, one of beauty and growth but one that can be challenging.

Like many other benevolent races, the Pleiadians have come to help in the awakening process in which we learn to use the power within us to shift the worlds consciousness.

The Pleiadians and Their Influence on Earth

It is said that many Pleiadians have incarnated on earth to help with the ascension process.

Many incarnate as indigenous people on earth who are also referred to as “star seeds”. The Cherokee tribe teach that Native Americans originate from the Pleiades.

They incarnate within certain groups that live more natural lives with much knowledge of self and connection to spirituality. They do this in hopes that the human race will learn from these tribes.

It is Pleiadians belief that technology has led us to a time where time-travel and space-travel is possible which is why they are capable of traveling through the universe quicker than the speed of light.

The Pleiadians are very worried about the human race and the misuse of science and technology today. They fear that we have lost our spirituality and have come to a time of self-destruction.

These beings have no money system since they have no use for it. They do not have use for political systems as well as religious doctrines which have been used by darker elite forces to control the world.

The Pleiadians believe earth has created its own reality and that it is now time to correct the mistakes we’ve made as we have been suffering from them. It is time to create a new and improved reality.

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