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An enormous (some would say medium-sized) UFO has been recently photographed on the martian surface. UFO hunters claim it looks intact and could still fly, if Russia, China or the United States manage to retrieve it.

For that to happen, either of these states would first need to get there, but if the rumors are true, then all of these superpowers already have in their possession numerous and various UFOs, built from scratch using reverse-engineered alien technology or simply captured after they entered their respective airspace. That being said, a 600-foot-wide, heart shaped UFO spotted on Mars is in near mint condition (a few dents and scratches from the unforgiving martian conditions are to be expected) and would be a prized addition to their collection.

ufo surface of mars

The intact-looking UFO spotted on Mars

The UFO, which rests neatly parked on the surface of our next door neighbor was brought into attention by the administrator of the YouTube channel UFOvni2012 on November 21. There is a slight chance that the UFO could still be up for grabs, but the original photo was snapped by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) on October 16, 2000 and a lot could have happened in 16 years.

The long and turned landing tracks left behind from the craft show that the ship crash landed as gently as it could,” wrote UFO hunter Scott Waring.

The alleged UFO crash site is located in the Medusae Fossae, a large martian geological formation of unknown origins. Named after the Medusa from Greek mythology, this formation extends for nearly 600 miles along the martian equator. Constant winds and periodic windstorms have done a great job at eroding the landscape, giving it a smooth appearance.

Given these circumstances, it’s a wonder how the UFO managed to escape being buried beneath a dune of fine sand. Perhaps it hasn’t been down there for long, and this argument is raising the hopes of alien specialists out there, who suspect the craft could theoretically be salvageable.

According to the video, the dubious object stood out like a sore thumb amid the stacks of photos sent back by the MGS and managed to win the attention of NASA image specialist Steve Wingate. He went through a great deal of effort to publicize the controversial image but somehow, it never got the notoriety conspiracy theorists think it deserves. In fact, it would seem somebody went to great lengths to have the image removed from his website while the original remained on NASA servers.

Original image here.

The NASA image has a size chart attached to it, which allows for a rough estimate of the object’s size. Since 1 pixel on the original photo measures 9.4 feet, the UFO spotted on Mars would have to measure approximately 600 feet across, meaning that it would cast a pretty large shadow if it suddenly appeared above you.

Wingate was the first person to draw our attention to the anomalous Lobachevsky crater located on the far side of the Moon. Apollo 16 photos strongly suggest the crater might shelter a complex extraterrestrial base encompassing multiple, rectangular and artificial-looking structures, with the most unusual of these structure being a very tall spire.

lobachevsky crater alien buildings

It seems Wingate has an eye for these things and knows where to look. It’s a shame his good work is hindered, but that’s just the way it goes in the world of truth-seekers.